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This board membership is full of a lot of people who do a lot of cooking in a lot of ways. What if we made some kind of event out of that?

Last January's meet was at a restaurant, and the food was brought to us.

What if we could take over some kind of shelterhouse with plenty of tables, etc.? Play around at showing off what we like to cook. Run some grills and camping stoves, maybe even a cooking fire.

I might still have a roll of that yellow DANGER MEN COOKING tape.

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Alex, its been a few years but we used to do "OGF Outings" that combined fishing together and then eating together after we came off the lake at a shelter.
Wow! We had some great things brought for meals!

Like the Crappie Tournaments, and at other times.
It's a great, tried and proven way to meet more members.
If you want to put one together down your way, I'll give you some pointers.
There's other OGFers who can help you too.

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I think thats a great idea, Alex. I'd love to meet some of you guys. I really enjoy reading your posts and i can think of no better way to get to know you'all than a cook out.
Count me in and if theres anything i can do to get it off the ground, you just let me know.
Food, beer, and fishermen, don't get no better than that!

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The next OGF event should be a "Remove my existing hardwood and sub floor, level the floor, install new subfloor and hard woods" event.

Won't take long at all if enough people show up....
you blew it.
this is the appropriate technique that has suckered me too many times...

you: hay, you want to come over saturday for a bbq?
sucker: sure, what time.
you: how about 9am so that you will be here for the cooking and some preloading
sucker: sounds great
you: hay, ahhh bring your tools over because we have to first build the deck for the bbq
sucker: got me again...
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