Should i just give up????

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  1. i have been hitting it hard this year on the ice but in a little over a dozen trips in so many days i have managed to only catch one small gill and that was in a farm pond that is full of big gills bass and catfish i fished mogadore and caught nothing i fished atwood and leesville skunked i hit tappan earlier in the week and struck out these are places that i always do well at but have come up short this year. i bet ive drill 1000 holes this year ok maybe not that many but it sure feels like it i am wanting to go out again this evening and again tomorrow but i am clueless as to where i should try i was thinking of takin a trip down to aep my mom lives close to there so if i get skunked i can always go visit. or if i dont try there i was thinking about hitting mosquito i have never been there before and ive been hearing some good things about it lately. i live in canton so either way im gonna have to make it a road trip whereever it is i go. what do you guys think?:confused:
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    It's tough to fish an unfamiliar lake and find fish in a boat and 100 times tougher doing the same on the ice, especially if you don't have electronics.
    The guys on this site are frequently giving notice ahead of time that they are heading out to different places, mosquito, OSP, Long lake, etc. They always ask if others want to meet up with them. I would take some of the guys up on that. That would be the best way to learn specific areas and practices for locating fish through the ice IMO. But for Gods sake, don't give up! ;)

  3. I'm going to La due today.Your more than welcome to come out with us.I fished there 2 days ago and caught a ton of fish but a lot of small ones.Managed to keep about 20 nice gills though.They were delicious! I am going around 1:00 today call if your interested 330-646-2028
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    You cannot get a better offer than that and Ladue is an easy drive up from Canton.:)
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    you obviously like ice fishing a lot, and id be willing to bet money (from what you said)you dont have a flasher. something to think will catch more fish, theyre down there.
  6. Sunday, if you're around in the afternoon, I'll be going out to Nimisila... The cove by the campground, most likely.

    Caught a ton of dinks there on wednesday but managed 5 good keepers including 1 Fish ohio redear at 9 3/4 inches, a 10 inch crappie, and had two fish break off.

    Should be there around 1:30 or 2PM, staying til dark or just after...

    Oh yeah, the invitation goes out to anyone who wants to show up.
  7. I really hate to get sappy here, but this thread is a great example of why this site is so cool. Here's a guy who's down on his luck on the hardwater, and everyone is jumping in with advice and offers to go fishing. That's cool! Similarly, I'm reasonably new to this site and Ohio in general. But in the few short months I've been here, I've made several connections through this site, been fishing with a few guys, and received a ton of great advice and pointers. I've never been a part of any other community or forum that is as out-going and friendly as this one.

    Ok. I'm done. Sorry.
  8. i have a shanty and vex and aqua view and a whole slew of tackle i've been ice fishing for a little over 10 years now and this is the first year that i've done this bad. thanks for the invitations, its not looking good for me going out today i have a lecture and lab today at stark state it all depends on when i get out of there if i do go tonight i may just hit a friends pond for a bit. but its definatly on for tomorrow some where im gonna leave here about 9:30am i just haven't decided where im gonna go yet. and sunday i may just be headed to nimi . so thanks again. one thing though i have been marking and seeing fish almost every place ive been it just seems that they sure are tight lipped this year or maybe its the time of day that im going but im sure seeing them just not catching them so it just might be my presentation. well i guess the only thing to do is to keep pluggin away. ;)
  9. I'll be there with my Frabil Ice Caravan 2-man, wearing mis-matched green rainsuit and will have on orange camo OGF hat... also look for kid with me, sort of skinny, 11 yrs old and catching lots of fish. LOL
  10. DON'T GIVE UP!!!! I'm kinda new to this ice thing myself. I learn almost every trip I go on. I talk to guys that I meet on the water and I'm not too proud to ask for their help or suggestions. No one's turned me down when I've asked a question. I just got a Vex this year and I've asked several ice pro's on the ice to show me how to use the thing (Know how to use it now!). My season also hasn't been great but even the times I caught nothing, I had great fellowship with the guys I was with.

    What else can an adult do that's like playing in a big ole box when you were a kid and not thought to be crazy???!!!
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    well the north end seems to be produceing some nice eyes up there if you wanna walk .9 miles out. thats a work out in its self. ull be sure to catch alot of small dink perch at the south end of skeeter.on waxies. i seen a nice 12 or 13'' perch come out of there yesterday. ill be up at the south end i aint walkin out that far anymore this year but thats where most of the people are heading is the north end the ice last night was about 9'' of good solid ice the trail out is nice and packed.....seen some amesh people comein off the ice with there limit dont know how long they where out tho...
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    ok i lost my bet. lol.

    man thats tough....sometimes ice fishing really sucks.... you get all excited to go dreaming about really getting into them....and then when you sound the holes there no fish or they just sniff.

    sometimes theres nothing you can do about that.... but i guess the two main things are move, either small moves or big moves.... try some different depths, look for some other structure, and then the second thing id try is different baits, id have one minnow or minnow head on a jigging rap and then one pin min with maggots or something like that until something seems to work. (mix up the baits)

    other than that its up to the fish.... they control the whole game, really. if they arent biting they arent biting.....nothing we can do about that.
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    almost forgot one other thing, the presentation. i dont use sinkers, swivels, snaps, anything like that that junks up the presentation. small lures. tight, neat knots with a tiny tag. thin line, 2lb. (or 6 if im jigging)

    makes for a very sly presentation without a lot of "red flags" that might turn fish off.
  14. Just a hunch, but if you fuel up just before going out, you just might be tranfering a foreign smell to bait and rigs, it only take a little that would make a difference. :confused:
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    It's been tough everywhere on the ice this year.The weather plays a very important role in the mood of the fish.I saw on the news last week that we already had something like 15-17 low pressure fronts this cold season compared to 4 last year at this time.We can blame mother nature on this one.I've been out on the ice 9-10 times this winter, either the fishing is on fire or it's totally shut down, no in between..............Mark
  16. ...As Mark said..Mother nature dictates it all...One front after another...Feast or famine.......Jim.....
  17. Trying to fish around the weather can be tough. I try to hit it when the air is the warmest. We made alot of ice this year and fishing the days when she sits still seem best. Water clarity has alot to do with the fish and the depth they are at. Deep fish need some sun and shallow ones dont. Our holes change color from day to day. In and out of our shannie will affect fish the same way. It either gathers light or darkens your holes. Pending on were you fish it can affect your bite.