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  1. Heres the deal, Tonight I shot a mature doe, at around 5:15. The doe was about 18yd from the tree, about perfectly broadside. I was about 25ft up. The shot went exactly where I had picked, just behind the shoulder, a little higher than normal, but seemed about perfect given the downward angle. As soon as I hit the release I saw blood pumping out the entrance hole. I waited until dark to gwet out of the tree, as there were deer around me all night never more than 80 yds away and I did not want to edjucate them any.

    At about 7 I was able to get out of the tree after my brother scared off the deer by pulling the truck down the oilwell road to pick me up. I started my recovering the arrow, it was soaked red, looked good. I started tracking with my led clip on my hat, not worth a crap! The blood trail seemed good but seem to be going on for too far a distance. I was able to track her into some really nasty briars and such but was unable to find her tonight, it was too thick and too dark and I felt it better to get put before I disturb any more blood trail. I marked the last blod but at the point I marked it I could not find anymore blood. I feel fairly confident that she is bled out near the area I lost the trail but right now I feel sick to my stomach.

    Is it possible to shot at a deer at a downward angle, hitting below the spine and not catch lung?? I did not see any bubbles in the blood. There were several areas where she left lots of blood and the rest was pretty good flow too.

    Say a prayer for me guys, I hate to think of not being able to recover her.

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    i would say tomorrow u should beable to find her..i shot an 8 pt sat afternoon a little on the high side just because of the branches in my way but dropped him in 5ft.almost in the same spot your talking about.On the other hand i was out last weekend and a guy shot one and hit towards the rear and we tracked it for every and still never found it.Im sure u did plenty of damage and she should lay down it the thick of luck to ya

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    if she is bled as much as you make it sound, she is expired. The tough part will be finding her if you pushed her. Like the otehr poster said before me though, she should have bedded up and be findable in the morning.

    Good luck!
  4. She has to be close. I shot a button buck on Saturday morning and he ran about 100 yards. I hit him high, but with the angle it exited low. The blood trail was speckled up until 75 yards, then it really picked up. He actually went down right infront of my buddy, so as I came out of the briars, my buddy was in the stand pointing at the deer.

    He is going to be good eating. I shot him at 8 yards.
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    Don't give up and just take your time. Most important is to just relax ( i know easy for me to say) and take your time. If you have trouble finding blood, lay on your stomach and just "look" around. You will be amazed on what you can "see" if you just relax and "look" around. I was with Leadcorebean on the deer trail he mentioned. We were finding specks of blood on the BOTTOM of leaves from where the deer bent the small weeds over as he walked ,so there was blood on the underside but you could not see it when the weeds stood back up.. So it may seem impossible but just take a breath and keep at it. Good luck BC
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    I agree with everyone one else .Sounds like a decent shot and with the blood you speak of .That is one dead deer. Nice cool night worked in your favor also .I bet you will find that deer a few more feet from where you left off .Happened to me last year .Waited a hour after dark , nice blood trail, had one nice blood lay down Trailed him for 20min. WE started to think we were pushing him and stopped . Marked the areas and started agian in the morning. If we would have went 5 more yds we would have tripped over him.We even shine our lights ahead that night and Just didn't see him .

    Hope to read latter to day that you found her
  7. To answer your question, no, it's not possible. The spine is much lower on a deer than most people think it is.
  8. Is it possible? Yes. Without seeing it my guess is you may have caught the very top of the chest cavity and clipped the backside lung only. It will put her down but with one lung still functional she could have traveled some distance first. Hopefully the search this morning gets her right away. On the plus side you had a great night for her to lay with the temperatures. The daylight always makes a huge difference in finding them. If you get to a dead end think water source and start a broad pass toward it. Then check the area around the water source thoroughly as she could have very likely ended up there if she had enough left in her to get there.

    Good luck. My gut tells me you will find her based on the description you gave.
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    Dead deer Scott.

    Just go and pick her up this morning.

    If while following a good blood trail it just suddenly stops always back track the trail and find where they cut off of the trail. Many times we have had a deer, for what ever the reason, turn and come back the same trail and then cut off one way or the other. This has always been very near the end of the chase. What may look like a good blood trail that has stopped is normally a dead deer within 40 yds.

    Patience youngtreeclimber and you will find your deer.
  10. I had something similar happen to me a few years ago although I was lucky enough the ground was covered in snow. I shot this doe with my muzzleloader and she ran about 75 yards. When I was tracking her, the blood trail was heavy as can be and then all of a sudden it just stopped. Since I was looking at the blood and not the tracks I didn't notice her turn around. She ran past this huge patch of multi-flor rose and then turned around and crawled inside to expire. She was curled up in a little ball when I found her. Almost like she was hiding from me.
  11. Kim you hit the nail on the head. I went back and she doubled back about 10 feet and went about 15 feet into some tall weeds. Took all of 10 minutes in the day light. The blood trail was easy enough for Hellen keller to track. I was within 20 feet of her where I marked the last blood befor we left.

    On a side note the rage 2 blade head did a number on her. The entrance wound was HUGE and about an inch below the spine and the exit not real sure of since a varmit of some sort had ribs for dinner with a side of intestine! Never tuched any of the meat.

    I appreciate all the words of advise!!!! I have been hunting for close to 20 years and have killed alot of deer but everytime I have to pull out and wait it makes you second guess everything!! I could hardly sleep last night but will tonight after I shoot her big brother or mabe her daddy:)

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    good deal glad u found her and she got put in a good home..ill be going for number 2 this weekend
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    You will get #2 Mr Bean after you drag out my #2:D