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    Fished fairport sun and mon. (Sun.) and caught my first FO of this season, a 10#er. Also lost one that that easily went between 12or13#.. My grandson, who caught his first FO last week, also lost one at the wall that was at or above 10#, when after several violent jumps, his line went limp and the fish was gone. After he reeled in, we discovered the treble hook was gone off of his "Cleo" but the snap ring was still attached and unbent...I was sad for him because the fish was easily another FO.We ended the day with one other 6# and several other missed chances.....(Mon.) fished this day with my wife ( which is most enjoyable for me ) as she has been a great fishing student of mine for the 49 years....On this day, her 8#2oz fish was the biggest of our trip......but I gave her a run for her money with one that was close to 7#...I've been fishing here for over a month and see that the average size of the fish caught, has improved tremendously over the last 2 weeks..... Also, fishing jig/bait combinations under a float.....have produced more hit's and accounted for more caught fish, than spoons have.... Hey Guy's......if your wife/ a so-so fisherwoman....introduce her to this type of fishing and that first explosion of "steel" that clears the water ( on the end of her line)'ll have a fishing buddy that will go with you, at the slightest mention of (want to go catch some "steel").....Good fishin guy's, the season has just begun......PS....having that special "gal" with you....ensures that you just might have more time to fish (and god forbid) that she gets totally bitten by the bug....well, you know how that goes... Me, I choose to end our day (at dark ) with dinner at Brennen's Fish House....just the two of us.....What a Cap to a great day on the water ......Don't get too much better than that...........Jon Sr.