Short shaft or long shaft outboard?

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  1. I have a question about buying a long shaft outboard. The ideal set up for my boat is a short shaft motor but I have a great deal on a long shaft motor. Am I wasting my time on the long shaft or will it work? What are the benefits of a small vs. a long? I have a small Bass Tender boat that can handle up to a 7hp and I am not sure of the transom size but its not long at all. Thanks!
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    the long will not be very efficient on the short transom. you will have a lot of drag from the extra shaft length in the water. if you are just talking about getting around w/a small outboard then it may not matter that much.this is my .02 others may disagree though.

  3. The other thing to keep in mind with a long shaft on a short shaft transom is the added distance that the prop is below the bottom of the boat. You need to be a bit more careful not to hit anything. I agree with Freyedknot that it will get you around but it is not as efficient. The extra shaft dragging in the water will have an impact.

    Long shaft motors are generally harder to come by (in small HP) than short shaft. What you could do is get the motor you are talking about and keep looking for a short shaft that will fit your boat better. I don't think you will have any problem whatsoever selling a small HP long shaft (especially a tiller model) once you find the keeper for your boat. In fact if you get to the point of selling that long shaft I may be all ears myself.;)
  4. Hey thanks for the advice. What motor? ;)
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    If anyone has there eye on that motor, I am sure you just ticked them off.:mad: lol I had my eye on something on ebay and a member put it up here, trying to help, and the price went through the roof. If someone is watching ebay for something, they know it's there.
  6. Good point. Will keep that in mind for the future. If someone is looking for a particular item they know where to look. Thanks
  7. I am sorry but you lost me.:confused: