short motor shaft or long?

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  1. The transom length on my my boat is 20 inches, so which motor does it take?
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  3. Thanks, I thought this was the beat place to ask. Thanks again.
  4. Unfortunately that narrows the options on motors to buy particularly with smaller motors if it is a tiller model. I have found that finding a long shaft tiller model can be quite a bit tougher.:(
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    There is a kit that will make a short shaft into a long shaft. Check with your dealer when you buy your motor. My changeover cost me $150.00, when I bought my 8hp Johnson. Not sure if this is a do it yourself thing. But, I'm sure somebody on this forum could help you.
  6. You are right that a lot of the more common models may have a conversion kit. What I found was that if I was patient enough it was cheaper to find one already in the long shaft versus adding the $150-200 to switch over. Plus I was not comfortable doing it myself thus I would have had labor as well.