Shore Walleyes?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by MuskieJim, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. MuskieJim

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    Is it still possible to hook a few eyes from the Erie shores this late in the year? I did pretty well earlier this year, just curious if the fish are still there....E.72nd? Edgewater?
  2. Jim, You can still get them every so often if you're there at the right time, but generally they are gone this time of year.

  3. BigMha

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    i agree with ARCHMAN...i fish down at 55th/72nd on the regular. i got 1 last week and my buddy has gotten 2 on two seperate fishing outings but for the most part, we were the only one's catching them. try down there around 10:00 if you go...each night we caught fish, it was around 10:00. the sheephead are down there crushing every lure thrown in their faces. spoons, x-raps, huskies, jigs, twister tails...i went down this morning and had a blast tossing a twister tail/ultra-light rig and catching sheephead. i know they're trash fish...but nothing else was biting...better to catch something than nothing. I LIKE TO THINK OF THEM AS LAKE ERIE RED FISH....LOL
  4. Lake erie redfish. Thats a good one.

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    LOL!!!!! Lake Erie Redfish, again LOL!!! I watch those fishing shows on Saturday mornings and I've seen them catch redfish down south by New Orleans, and the sheep heads do look like redfish minus the pinkish color. LOL!!!!!
  6. I have read BigMha's posts,and I think he has a good attitude about fishing. Fishing for the fun of it and taking what there giving!
  7. I heard they are still catching them at night at the lighthouse on the Pier in Huron. on Husky jerks