Shore fishing on Great Lakes

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  1. I am going to Michigan for the weekend and I have always known of the lakes and rivers that I fished when I was younger, but I was wondering if anyone had known of people fishing from the bank in the great lakes or even from the sand bar? I have never tried it, but figured i would give it a go this weekend when I am up there since I will be right across the street from Lake Michigan.

    My plan was to use some swim baits, crank baits, rooster tails, and I have a jointed mid-range shadrap that I figured I would try. I'm not sure if it will produce anything, but any advice you might have would be appreciated. As always, thanks in advance.

  2. I've never heard of anybody surf fishing in the summer. I know in the spring and fall a lot of people soak spawn sacs and cast plugs, spoons and swimbaits for staging steelhead and salmon near river mouths. What part of the lake are you staying on?

  3. There are plenty of inland lakes, or lakes connected to Lake Michigan that offer some fantastic fishing. But, if you are after steelhead and salmon, don't get your hopes up too high this time of the year from shore.

    I did see where this guy got a nice steelie at night on the PM


    Good luck
  4. I went to Traverse City last summer, which is the very northern part of Michigan. I stayed in a cabin on Suttons bay, and the fishing there wasn't very good. Me and my cousin fished some local rivers and smaller lakes with not much luck either. We eventually coughed up $400 to go on a charter with a guy named Captain Jack. It was worth it, we brought in about 250lbs of salmon.
    We took a boat up there but when you are 15 miles out into the lake the waves get too insane for a small boat.

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    It really depends on where you go. I remember one time swimming at a beach near Grand Haven in early summer, and underwater I saw a nice fich (probably a Brown Trout) cruising between the sandbar and shore. This is unusual for this time of year though. The best bets are ususlly from the piers at the harbors. But, if shore fishing is all you have, give it a shot. You will probably do better if you can wade out to the sand bar.

    Here is a link the the weekly MDNR fishing report.:D,1607,7-153-10364-34956--,00.html

    Good Luck!

  6. Thanks guys. My family has a place right on the lake in Douglas, so I went just a little North to Holland and tried fishing in the channel and at the channel mouth. It was really really windy and the current was super fast. Nothing like our inland fishing I am used to here. I stopped by an outfitter in Saugatuck and picked up some jigging spoons and tried the channel first. I saw a small boat with two guys in it and both landed good size walleys at exactly the same time. So I watched them and tried to mimic their fishing method, but I just couldn't get the hang of that super current. So I tried the mouth and saw one guy catch a brown trout and one land something massive but he let it get away, damn fools and not knowing how to work the drag. Anyways, it was quite an experience. I will try it again and see how it goes.

    While I did get skunked on the lake, I went to some rivers, tried the Kalamazoo river and a damn in Hamilton. Managed to get into some smallies and caught my first rock bass, nice looking fish. Had one monster get away from me though when I got my line snagged on a rock he darted under and it snapped the line. Here is the picture of the rock bass though.