shore fishing help (or good boat rental place)

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  1. i want to take my dad out fishing tomorrow but we dont have a boat. just wondered where i can take him within say 45 mins of north olmsted and have a chance to catch some stuff (catfish, bass, other edible fish). Any help would be greatly appreciated as well as any bait help as neither of us have been out in quite some time. thanks in advance . Pm or response is fine. (unless u hvae a boat you wanna take us on and we can help pay for gas :p) . or even a decent place i can rent a small canoe and take him now that i mention it.
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    I've been catching a lot of bass at Lake Anna in Barberton the past few weeks. 4" zoom pumpkinseed worm texas rigged with no weight. You could get 5 or 6 eaters in about an hour easily.
    I've seen schools of bigger ones about 18" cruising the shoreline. There is some biga@*% catfish in there too.
    You just have 1 week to go putting up with the foul mouthed teenagers at the lake. Next week the teachers will have to deal with them!!!!

    Carp fishing has been pretty good too at another location but you said you want edible fish.