Shore access to Mogadore

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  1. Guys,
    I want to take my kids out to mogadore, but i'm tired of the dock on 43.

    Where else is there shore access that I can take an 8 and 6 year old? We're just after some bluegill and anything else they might catch.

    I'm looking at the map here Reservoir.pdf
    and on google earth but can't see any where.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. directly across from the parking lot at the dock on 43 there is a path that takes you along the shore. you could try that. i took my son last tues. and he loved it.
  3. do you have to walk down 43 over the tunnelt to the other side to get to it?
  4. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    no where you pull in to get to the dock off of 43 park by the road and cross 43 ......there is a gate i think its red and a path it goes all most to the dam all around the edge of the lake people ride bikes and horses on it

    there are paths at the back of that lot past the dock too that go around the snakie cove area
  5. OK. i know which one you mean.. I've been down that bath across from 43 and saw teh horses and stuff, and i've walked down behind the parking lot until it ends.

  6. i checked out a trail that i saw in the corner of the 43 parking lot...walked it for about 25 minutes...saw plenty of spots where people "have" fished, but they were pretty unfishable when i got there. saw some old campfires too....the weeds were way spot i saw had weeds from the bank out to about 10 ft. from shore...i did see a big carp tail sticking out of a blanket of floating weeds....i managed to poke it with a stick and scare the sh@% out of it....thats about the only fishing related activity i did on mogadore...looks like a great lake for a boat tho....but i checked a lot of the banks man....was tough for me...good luck...who knows...maybe the weeds have cleared away from the banks.
  7. Lewzer

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    I don't know what the snakie cove area is but if fishinful means going east behind the dock do not go wading or let your kids along the shoreline. One step out too far in the water and you're over your head.
    I second the path on the other side of 43. It will take you almost to the dam.
    Other good shore areas is the road along the dam off of Sunnybrook/Saxe? and Old Forge Rd. I haven't been back that way in a few years and I heard the dirt road was closed off. Don't know if it is true or not but that area had alot of good shoreline to fish.
  8. Thanks for the info guys and keep it coming :)

    i'm actually going to take the kids for a walk today to check out some of the areas we are talking about.

    Are we allowed to fish back by the wall just west of 43?

    You would access through an access road from old forge.
  9. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    ya thats where i ment not really part of the lake more like back water area that stops at cable line

    i found a few of the drops myself dident think about that

    Sunnybrook/Saxe? and Old Forge Rd
    there is a pull off back there then go across the street and over tha gaurd rail forgot about that
  10. Lewzer

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    I think you mean the dam. That was the access road I was talking about.
    I don't recall any signs saying I couldn't fish off the dam. I used to do it alot.
  11. Erterbass

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    Between 43 and Sunnybrook there is the access road to the dike on the north side of the lake. The road is open and a lot of people shore fish all along that area. There are signs indicating that you can't fish from the dike itself but if you head west from the dike there are plenty of spots.

    Between 43 and Congress Lake Rd. I see folks fishing from the shore on the north side of the lake along there. I don't know if they walk from the parking lot on 43 (where the dock is) or if they park on Congress Lake Rd. and come in from that direction...

    Right now the weeds have pulled back from the shore so there should be some nice opportunities for panfish. I know last Sunday I caught a couple of bass right up against the shore for the first time since spring - all the other fish were out deep but those shallow bass must have been after baitfish like small gills, shad, etc.

    Good luck - and thanks for introducing your kids to this great sport!!! :D

  12. Not trying to kill this thread but I have a suggestion.

    Lake Hodgson is the Ravenna water supply and they allow shore fishing. The lake has good access from shore with much easier shore access than Mogadore for kids imo.

    It is just east of the KSU football stadium...near the corner of Summit and Lakewood or Lakeland. Might want to explore it.

    Best of luck and be safe out there.

  13. I LOVE Hodgson :) In fact I'm about 30% to go out there shore fishing tomorrow. (the kids are going to be with their mom this weekend)

    Mogadore is about 5 minutes from my house and much easier for a quickie.
  14. Don't mean any disrespect, but the areas your talking about need some attention. I always take a plastic bag with me to put my trash in, then fill it up with the trash I see along the way.