Shop shut down over mounted fish

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    As seen in the Cleveland Plain Dealer

    Shop shut down over mounted fish
    Friday, November 09, 2007
    D'Arcy Egan
    Plain Dealer Columnist
    L & D Bait, Tackle and Taxidermy in Lakewood has shut down, and colorful owner Larry "Pete" Petersen is due in Lakewood Municipal Court for illegally selling mounted game fish.

    Cuyahoga County wildlife officer Jason Hadsell said he recently stopped at the shop at 18508 Detroit Road and saw two dozen mounted fish bearing price tags.

    Hadsell advised Petersen it is illegal to sell game fish, including fish mounts. About a week later, said Hadsell, a plain clothes wildlife officer purchased mounted fish at the shop, and Petersen was cited on four counts of selling sport fish.

    Petersen was arraigned before Judge Patrick Carroll in Lakewood Municipal Court and is scheduled for sentencing Dec. 11.

    Petersen had owned taxidermy shops in Valley City and Olmsted Falls, the latter destroyed by fire a couple of decades ago. He is currently in a legal wrangle with the Ohio Division of Wildlife over funds from point-of-sale fishing and hunting licenses. According to wildlife officials, Petersen claimed the license money was stolen from a hiding place in the tackle shop's freezer.

    The telephone at the Lakewood shop has been shut off. Petersen could not be reached.
  2. That dude needs some serious medication. If his lawyer is smart he'll duct tape his mouth shut at the sentencing.

  3. Oh give me a break!!!!!!!!!

    This guy is in legal trouble for selling a dead.........!

    This is the kind of crap the state/odnr is using my fishing license money for?

    Ok, selling live game fish, i could see that being an issue, but a mounted fish, come on! and there game fish to boot, it's not like the guy is catching/killing/mounting protected fish like a sturgeon or something.

    And tell me, if this is "illegal" then how is having any game fish at all mounted by a taxadermist not illegal. He is "selling" you the mount, you are "buying" the mount.

    sounds to me like the state is just after this guy for his past run-ins but this i'm sorry is pathetic.
  4. One other thing. If selling gamefish is illegal, then how is it fisheries stay in business. I have about $10,000 worth of purchased game fish in my pond when i had it stocked.
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    Like everything else in the world there’s probably more to this then what is being told to the public. I’ve never been in his store but from what I’ve heard this guy would never of won the Mr. Congeniality award . May have been targeted by a disgruntle customer with connections. Who knows. In any case if a wildlife officer told him to take the mount down he should have done it then looked into what the law states instead of ignoring the warning.
  6. i'm sure your right corndawg. probably some bogus law out there that says you have to be licensed or something like that. still crap though. before you know it, you'll have to have malpractataxadermist license hahaha
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    You must of missed this little tid bit...

    Can you imagine the fish & game poaching can-of-worms would be open if mounts were openly allowed for sale?
  8. That is and should be treated as a completely different issue.

    And it is legal to sell mounts, just go on ebay, there's thousands of them
  9. but who would want to buy anothers trophy anyway? I don't have any fish on my wall, but if i did, I would want to say I caught it.
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    This guy needs a talking to about the license stuff.....BUT SELLING MOUNTED FISH ILLEGAL......WELCOM TO THE THE EFFIN COMMUNIST STATE OF OHIO.
  11. If a resident doesn't like the laws, they should make an effort to get them changed. Ignorance of laws, however rediculous they sound, isn't much of a defense. This guy deserves everything he has coming, he was cut a break the first time when he was told he was breaking the law (I'm sure he said, "duh, I had no idea..."). He chose not to stop, open & shut case.

    zpyles, the ones on ebay may be from different states. I'd bet he broke a state law, not a federal one. Or could be different laws for individuals versus businesses.
  12. ezbite

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    if selling them is illegal, shouldn't buying them be also?? sounds like a set-up.
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    I did a little looking and the best I can find so far is the following paragraph the is closely related to the topic,
    1531.08 Chief of division - powers and authority regarding wild animals.
    In conformity with Section 36 of Article II, Ohio Constitution, providing for the passage of laws for the conservation of the natural resources of the state, including streams, lakes, submerged lands, and swamplands, and in conformity with this chapter and Chapter 1533. of the Revised Code, the chief of the division of wildlife has authority and control in all matters pertaining to the protection, preservation, propagation, possession, and management of wild animals and may adopt rules under section 1531.10 of the Revised Code for the management of wild animals. Notwithstanding division (B) of section 119.03 of the Revised Code, such rules in proposed form shall be filed under this section. Each year there shall be a public fish hearing and public game hearing. The results of the investigation and public hearing shall be filed in the office of the chief and shall be kept open for public inspection during all regular office hours. Modifying or rescinding such rules does not require a public hearing.

    The chief may adopt, amend, rescind, and enforce rules throughout the state or in any part or waters thereof as provided by sections 1531.08 to 1531.12 and other sections of the Revised Code. The rules shall be filed in proposed form and available at the central wildlife office and at each of the wildlife district offices, including the Lake Erie unit located at Sandusky, at least thirty days prior to the date of the hearing required by division (C) of section 119.03 of the Revised Code. The rules shall be based upon a public hearing and investigation of the best available biological information derived from professionally accepted practices in wildlife and fisheries management.

    Each rule adopted under this section shall clearly and distinctly describe and set forth the waters or area or part thereof affected by the rule and whether the rule is applicable to all wild animals or only to certain kinds of species designated therein.

    The chief may regulate any of the following:

    (A) Taking and possessing wild animals, at any time and place or in any number, quantity, or length, and in any manner, and with such devices as he prescribes;

    (B) Transportation of such animals or any part thereof;

    (C) Buying, selling, offering for sale, or exposing for sale any such animal or part thereof;

    (D) Taking, possessing, transporting, buying, selling, offering for sale, and exposing for sale commercial fish or any part thereof, including species taken, length, weight, method of taking, mesh sizes, specifications of nets and other fishing devices, seasons, and time and place of taking.

    When the chief increases the size of a fish named in section 1533.63 of the Revised Code, any fish that were legally taken, caught, or possessed prior to the increase may be possessed after the increase if the possession of the fish has been reported to the chief prior to the increase, but on or after the date of the increase the fish may not be sold to a buyer in this state.

    Effective Date: 03-04-1998
    For what its worth I think this is a little rediculous. How many lodges, restaurants, bait and takle shops have we all been in that have many mounts in them, I am sure the mounts in restaurant have been purchased from interior decarators or other companies. I will look for more info when time allows to see what we come up with. S