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  1. A few months ago I purchased a Mossberg 535 with 3 barrels. I am trying to sight in the 24" Rifled Slug Barrel. I bought the Bushnell Hollow sight (red dot no magnification) that is mounted securely on the cantilever beam. At 50 yds. and 75 yds I am anywhere 4" to 5" left, right, left up, right down, ect. Nothing consistent. I can choose from 2 3/4" to 3 1/2" shells. I bought 2 3/4" Remington Copper Solid 1oz. Hollow Point Magnum Sabot Slugs. 1450 fps. My owners Manual says... "Fully rifled barrels deliver best accuracy with Sabot Style Slugs. Rifled Slugs and Shotshells are not recommended for use in Rifled barrels." The Manual also says "535 Models are designed for factory loaded 2 3/4", 3" , 3 1/2" shells and rifled slugs." I would assume that statement is made if not using a Rifled barrel. Any Advice?
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  2. Had the same problem with the same gun when trying 2.75" sabot slugs. Switch to 3" and held 4 to 6" groups at 100 yards. Got rid of the Mossberg and bought a 870 and held 2" at 100 with Federal 3".

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    get rid of the red dot and get a scope. your grouping will improve greatly.
  4. It may be the dot like you said. I have a scope on my muzzle loader but opted for the Bushnell halo sight on the shotgun for when I'm planning to be mobile on a push for some of the older guys I hunt with.. At 50yds. I feel I'm holding the sight on center so I thought it may be the ammo. If I try another brand or 2 with no improvement I will take your advice. No reason to hunt if i can't hit what I aim at. It's hard for me to pick up a deer that I jump or is running in a scope, the sight I bought eliminates that problem but I just can't get a consistent group.
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  5. Hey Big J have the same gun bought it for the same reason you did and shot a nice buck with open sights and rem copper sabots.The gun shoots good groups with open sights but i bought a red dot and shot the same as you said all over the place,took it back.I can shoot 2in groops at 50yrds and 4in at 100yrds with open sights and rem copper and not much differnt with win super x slugs go figure.Costs to much money to try eyery sabot thats out there.let us know what you end up useing.
  6. The deal I chose on the Gun came with the rifled barrell, but with the cantelever on it. I wish I didn't have to buy the dot or a scope, but there is no open sight to look at. I talked to a few people who have had the same problem with the Sabots and they all switched to the Regular cheap slugs with great results. My Owners manual says to use the sabots, not rifled slugs. It doesn't mention anything about for example the $3.99 Remington Slugs. (not rifled slugs). I sent an email to Mossberg but have not heard back in the last few days. Can anyone see shooting regular slugs hurting the barrell? I wonder if using the sabot the plastic is spinning through the rifleing in the barrell but slipping on the lead inside it and almost throwing a knuckle ball. Without the plastic sabot I would think the lead would be spinning faster, right?
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  7. All you will do with Foster Slugs is foul the barrel with lead and have a hell of a time cleaning it. One of your problems is trying to use the 2.75" slugs. Think about are having that sabot jump .75" until it hits the end of the chamber for the 3.5" slugs. During that jump, the sabot is unsupported and each time it enters the barrel it can be off center which screws things up right from the get go. Invest the money in some 3" and 3.5" sabots and I'm sure your accuracy will improve. As far as I'm concerned, a barrel bored for 3" max would be a lot better.