Shooter or not ???

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  1. Shooter or not??????

    Sorry the pics are hard to see...the bottom one shows how wide he is

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  2. Mushijobah

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    Shoot. Can't pass it up unless you know he will be around next season.

  3. That's a personal decision. I think I'd probably kill him unless I knew I had a bigger one in the area. If you don't get a chance to kill him, next year will be fun!
  4. Shooter...I wouldn't think twice.
  5. That is a personal decision that each person can only make for them selves based on a lot of variables. No matter what the decision is there is no right or wrong one.

    If it was in front of me the decision would be an easy one. Let it walk. That is a very young deer that has great upside potential and I would take the chance that I might see it in a year or better yet in two years when it would be a true monster.

    I personally don't mind eating tag soup and have actually grown quite fond of it! :D

    Matt D
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    What he said. !%

    Of course, I don't see a lot of bucks in my area, and rarely see anything that nice, let alone better. That would make it an easy decision for me. Assuming you have an empty tag, it's a legal deer, so whatever decision is right for you is the correct one.
  7. BigChessie

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    If you are on private land......Let him grow up, you won't regret it. But then again it all depends on why and what you are hunting. Just to shoot and recover a whitetail with a bow is a trophy in itself. YOU should decide rather it is a shooter or not, not a bunch of guys on OGF. Just the fact that you had to ask tells me that it must not be in your eyes. I have a buck mounted with only 5 points,scrub rack and maybe 50". But it is THE trophy of a lifetime(to me) just because the story behind it. Good luck with whatever you decide! BC
  8. sparkywest28

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    no,nice young deer. hard to pass but he should grow 20 scoring points next year. to late in season now anyway.
  9. I know it would be my decision, but its nice to see what everyone else thinks too. As far as I am conserned, he will most likely walk until next year, I missed a 150" 12 point already this year with my far as land, he has about a 75% chance of making it until next year....I have passed on 3 around his size already this year, only problem now is......its getting late and I still got my buck tag....just hope that desease that was going around doesn't take any next year, took 3 decent bucks this year....I'll see if I can get a pic of one it took, makes you sick....but thats life I guess..:)
  10. pass for me, but as others have said totally up to you. Knowing he has a great chance to make it makes it even better. He looks like a 2.5 with a 17-18 inch spread, the biggest difference next year will be mass. That 3rd year with antlers they really start piling on mass and character.

    I am fortunate to see a lot of deer when I am out bow hunting. I typically just sit on my pearch and observe as I only take does and mature bucks. I know a shooter as soon as my eyes see the buck - I'm not looking at them to field judge the score, etc. - I am not a trophy hunter, but rather just choose not to shoot young bucks (less than 3.5). When you see a 3.5+ yr. old buck you know it - body and typically rack as well here in Ohio. In my areas a 3.5 yr old will have a 120+ inches of antler almost every time and could be as large as 160+.

    I have only passed a shot at 1 buck in my life (while I had a tag; seen a few after I had tagged my buck) that was in this age class. I typically hunt and try to bag the first mature buck I get a good shot at.

    If you've already passed 3 this size I wouldn't think you'd be satisfied with this deer - just my observation. If you need meat, I would try to get a doe and eat my buck tag if you don't score this month - no shame in that. Best of luck to ya whatever you decide!
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    Last year i passed on a # of bucks... many bigger than that... cause i was looking for that 12 that kept hanging with the 10... had the 10 within 15-20 yards multiple times... but that 12 was huge... i hunted hard and last day of the season... that same 10 walked by at 22 with a doe and a 4 pt... couldn't shoot him knowing he made it through that late and chances are i would see him opening up this season.... thus ending the season buckless.

    This year... saw him? or what i believe is him as a solid 12 and now he travels with a couple different 10's but you can tell the mature from the 2 1/2 to 3 year olds.... when i took my 9 this year, big spread and respectable, i had the 12 and one of the 10's behind me working the underbrush hard... 1st time they had been within a 100 yds of me... and may never present a chance for me to take... but the 9 was respectable... i hunt first for meat... and always knock a doe down first... but i didn't want to end the season like last, with my buck tag in hand wishing i had taken that respectable 10 last year.

    I have seen at least 30 different bucks where i hunt... i hunt hard... i use every percaution to be invisible scent and sight... spending too much time out there... if i were to have the above dear in front of me i would likely take it... but if few bucks are in your area... if he made it this far he is likely to be around next year.

    2 eggs in the basket are better then a chicken in the bush... lol.


    I Can Smell The Back Straps Cookin Now
  13. How can you determine that deer to be 2.5 or 3.5 from those two pictures?
  14. Chase - if you are asking me my answer is that I can not be sure what age that deer is. It is very easy to distinguish age on deer from yearlings (born current season), 1.5 yr old, and then 2.5 yr. old - it gets very difficult after that and the only sure way would be have a biologists do the work.

    I can tell you that deer is at least 2.5 from the photo and that he is not completely matured. In general you should look at the deer more than the antlers - as deer age and become mature the snout on the deer appears shorter due to "filling out" so to speak. Deer are just like people too - if you are fortunate enough to see an older deer (say a 5.5yr old) they get gray in the face, they get kind of a "old man" build - some even get a bit of belly until they run iot off; they even run different (you guys that have seen one know exactly what I am talking about).

    The more deer you get to see afield the easier it becomes. I used to struggle with does - is that a yearling or a 1.5? Look at the heads/snouts and start paying attention and you will be able to pick out yearlings even if they are together (meaning you have no body size for reference). Knowing Ohio deer fairly well I am just giving my best guesstimate at 2.5; he could be 3.5, but I doubt it. It seems 3.5 is the majic age to acheive full body size and typically a little more mass on the antler than this guy has. He is very typical of a 2.5 yr. old with a lot of potential.

    Basically, it gets very difficult to tell age after 3.5 and there is no way to tell even looking at the carcuss.
  15. Here is a pic of one of the deer I found dead...laying near the creek...right before season came in

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  16. ReadHeaded Hunter

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    If you look at the first picture, u can by the short nose that its a young deer. should be a hoss in a couple years! then again it all depends on your buck population. i know where i hunt that would be a trophy so it depends. that skull you found shows that there are definitely big bucks in the area. Personally i would take him, especially this late in the season but that would be only my second buck and my second ever bow kill so its hard to have someone else tell you what to shoot. I think these days people think you cant shoot a buck unless its a record breaker. it doesn't really matter if your put in P & Y if your happy with ur buck
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    If it were Public land I would shoot it for sure, private land maybe. Bucks like that one I think in reality should be left to walk and mature more. But they rarely survive long enough to do that around here thanks to our local loyal slug throwers. So if I were hunting a land which gets hunted ( or the surrounding properties) I would most definatly take that buck and be very proud of it. If I thought the buck was safe, then I would let him walk and be even prouder.
  18. Yes, if you got that deer with a bow then thats deff.
  19. If only you knew how many bucks I have seen in season and throughout the year only to never see them again.On my birthday last June 28 I was up about 6:45am and seen 4 deer that were that size or better in velvet.To me that will always be my best birthday gift.However I never seen any of them again.Deer run 5-8 miles regularly and I dont think any of us own a lot that big unless your down in texas or out in the plains.You almost have to shoot anything 16" or bigger.I let alot walk hoping they grow up but rarely does it pay off.
  20. Fishman

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    It's entirerly up to you, do you what you think is right :)