Ship to shore?

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by Raines1208, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. I fish the new cumberland pool and have a ship to shore is it useless or does anyone know what channel i should scan? Thanks for any feedback.
  2. miyot


    I'm not sure what you mean a ship to shore radio. If it is a VHF radio, the dams and tow boats (barges) will answer on channel 13. Caution, this channel is for navigation purposes only. Channel 16 is used to call another vessel. After you have raised the vessel you wish to talk to, you switch to a channel open for just talking for your conversation. I believe 79 is a channel you could use, check on it to be sure.

    Remember, A VHF radio is not a toy. For emergency calls use channel 16. Even then the Coast Guard may ask you to switch to 22 after obtaining your emergency information.

    If your radio scans, it will go thru the channels until it hits a channel in use. Listen for a while. You'll catch on. There may not be a lot of talk on the river. Also, if your on foot, you may not call boats with out a shore station permit. (I'm not sure about this one) but check on it.