Shingles....and I don't mean roofing

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Hatchetman, Mar 16, 2008.

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    Well, I seem to have broken out in a rather good (?) case of shingles. I've had them for about a week and am taking Valtrex 3 times a day. They are entering the burning sensation phase right now. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to ease the burning sensation ? I've tried several triple rum and cokes and they do make me feel better but I still feel like I was around Misfit when his o2 tank lit up. Any suggestions?? Thank's....Pete
  2. im no doc and it sounds like you need one .solarcane works for sunburn and then theres allways landing a giant musky that would make me feel better

  3. ironically im a roofer and an employee got "the shingles" a few years ago...said they hurt like hell!! back pain is what he said...doc told him it was a form of adault chicken pox
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    i can't help much,other than suggest you avoid misfit's o2 tank and have a few more drinks:p

    ps........hope you get to feeling better soon,pete.
  5. I FEEL FOR YOU!!!! I had shingles 2 years ago and they we miserable. Unfortunatley, as the scabs dried up, the irritation increased. One thing the nurse told me I could do was to put ZOSTRIX (a pepper based cream) on the affected areas after all the blisters were healed. The idea is to toughen the area and trick the nerve endings to eliminate the discomfort. Believe me, IT DIDN'T WORK. Not only did I have the exterme discomfort of the shingles, I felt like I had chemical burns all over my abdomin.

    I don't know about you, but I couldn't keep a shirt on for a couple of weeks. On one of my visits to the doc, I told the doctor, "you guys gotta quit working on a cure for cancer, and see if you can find a cure for shingles". There is a vacine now and I highly recommend that any of you older guys (over 55) that has had chicken pox as a kid, talk to your doctor about that vacine.

    I'm sorry I can't help you with any relief, but it will get better in time.
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    I'm 34 and had them last year. I feel for ya. It started out with sore to touch skin then the rash broke out. The rash oozed like poision ivy and some of them formed puss bubbles. I had them mostly on my chest and a couple places on my shoulder. I still have a huge scar on my chest from them. Hurt like hell and it lasted for about a month before it all went away. Just the shirt against my skin made it hurt. You can give people chickenpox if you are around someone who hasn't had the chicken pox. My fishing buddy got the chicken pox 2 weeks after fishing with me once. I felt bad but warned him. Hope your healing process goes fast. I used valtrex also.
  7. I had the shingles 2.5 years ago, when I was 26, Yeah they suck bad, My doc put me on Vicodin as well as an antiviral (Valtrex, I think). They vicodin helped me sleep but I couldn't take them while I was at work, I think mine were rough for about 2 weeks and after three or so they were gone. Go to your doc and tell them you can't sleep, and ask for something, Ain't nothing wrong with asking for something when you are truely hurting, and Shingles isn't something to mess with.
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    Thank's for all the comments. Guess I'll just have to man up and suffer through it. They are in the starting to dry up stage right now so hopefully it won't be to long....Pete
  9. Hang in there Pete. I went through them about 15 years ago in New Orleans, in the SUMMER. Talk about misery... it was hot, humid, and the AC wasn't all it was cracked up to be!!!

    Get well soon!
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    Thank's Carl. I went out and got some lotion today, it's called Captain Morgan. I think it's supposed to be taken internally so I'll give it a whirl here in a little bit. Thank's everybody for your advice....Pete
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  12. I had shingles in college about 11 years ago. I took an antiobiotic and they were gone in a few days. I don't recall putting any cream on. Have you been to a doctor?
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    I was lucky and had mine diagnosed early. There was a new proceedure out then, January of 2007, that used an injection under the main infected area and it worked right away. I was only down five days and had very little pain. It was through Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, the Pain Management Clinic I believe. Best of luck in your healing.;)
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    Double shot cherry bombs. (2 shots cherry vodka + 2 shots red bull) Take about a dozen and call me next week!!!:p:p

    Hope you're feelin' better. I'm kinda glad it's not summer, I can only imagine how much worse it will be.