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Shimano Corvalus Reels

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by blance, Mar 25, 2005.


    These are a new reel introduced this year by Shimano. They appear very similar to the Abu Garcia C3 series reels. Price is similar too. Was thinking about giving one or two of these on 7'6" rods with 80# PowerPro a try this year as casting rigs for muskie/cat fishing. Anyone had the chance to see or use one of these? Just hate to buy something sight unseen without a review by someone or being able to lay hands on it first. Right now only place I can find them online is via BassPro shops. Unfortunately my nearest BassPro (until the Washington, PA store opens) is like a 4 hour drive so that's not an option.



    PS: Any fans of the Cabelas FishEagle II rods, they have them on sale right now in any length/weight (1 or 2 piece) for $59. I used one last year with an Okuma as my ultralight rig and really liked it.
  2. Ok since so many of you guys (and gals) jumped all over this thread, I had to go out and put together a new combo with one of these reels today. :p

    The setup is a Shimano Corvalus 400 spooled up with 80# Power Pro on an 8ft one piece Guide Series IM8 medium heavy musky rod. So far, I have to say it is smoother and feels tighter than my Abu Garcia c3/c4 6500's. But then again they have been beaten hard over the last couple years and the Shimano is new. I started tossing 2oz sinkers in the drive to get a feel for the rod. Once the spool tension was set for the weight I was throwing, the VBS worked well enough in 30 or so casts to prevent any professional overruns. On complaint I have is the clicker location. If you look at the rear picture, you will see the small clicker switch located on the bottom quarter of the reel. Looks like it could be a pain to locate and switch off in the heat of the moment or in the middle of the night cattin. I plan on giving it the full workout tomorrow. The plan is to log about 4 hours of casting and a few hours of trolling looking for muskies on West Branch. Not sure what the winds are forcasted to be, but a real good test of the VBS would be tossing some of the smaller Grandmas (6") into a stiff breeze. Those types of cast were always a problem for me and almost always ended up being either short casts or real birds nests. I got my new rod holders, Powder Coated Down East "Salties", mounted today and the planer boards are ready. I might even look like a walleye fisherman out there. :D

    Here's some pics:

    Right Side of the Reel


    Left Side: