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Shenango River catfishing 7-1-04

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by blance, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. Kids were spending the night at a friends house, so Vickie and I decided to take advantage of our time alone and get in some cattin. Wanted to get to the sport before dark to scope it out and see what has changed (rivers are always changing) since I hadn't been to this spot but once since last year. Needless to say that didn't work out because we didn't get there until 10. Got our baits in the water and got bit by two dinks pretty quickly and landed one, didn't get a good hookset on the other and lost him about half way in. All was quite for the next couple hours, then about 1:00 or 1:30 AM I got bit by something a little bigger from the sounds of my bait clicker. Set the hook and the race was on... After missing one fish already to a poor hookset, I set the hook on him again and that's when I heard him surface and slap the water and take off. Repeated that sequence two more times on this fish with it breaking water and taking another run. But...... Having got my line around our other two poles to keep from tangling, I told vickie to get the flashlight because I wanted to know where the fish was in relation to the fallen trees both up and downstream from the spot. Should have asked her to pull in the other lines instead, because moving down put me dangerously close to a submerged tree. In the process, I allowed him to move too far downstream and he of course found a "new" snag that I didn't see in the dark. Needless to say what felt like a really nice and powerful fish left me standing on the bank looking like a schoolgirl. Ahhhhh, the sory of the one that got away. My mistakes; many. Didn't scout the area first and had to rely on memory from what was there last year. Most fish we have caught in this river so far this year seemed to be smaller than what we seen last year, so my drag wasn't as tight as it should have been. When a big fish his I was left scrambling for the drag while trying to thumb the spool to slow him down while he was peeling 50lb braid off my reel. Finally when I got my rig back from the snag where I lost the fish, I noticed something odd. The knot had slipped down from the eye and onto the shank all the way to where it was stopped by the barb on my circle hook. So when I attempted to horse this fish out of the snag, it would see that I was pulling on the barb and unhooked the fish. Never seen that happen before, maybe a bad knot (although it didn't fail in terms of a break), maybe because I didn't superglue the knot after tying it, I dunno I'm gonna have to think that one through a little more. In the end, that was the last solid hit we had on the night until we left about 3AM and I lost what felt like a sure personal best cat because my equipment wasn't ready for a big fish... Cardnial sin that I surely wont commit again. Lesson learned on my part. I hope my lesson will help someone else not be lax and be prepared at any time for a big fish and when they hook into it not to lose it like I did.

    Oh, all fish hit on shrimp. Took both large and small (normal) sized shrimp with me to try to entice some bigger fish with the bigger bait, but all fish hit the smaller (and cheaper) shrimp.

  2. Thanks for the report Barry! We definately gotta get you back to the northeast to do some catfishing in my neck of the woods asap.......TightLines!