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sharlow bridge?

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mojo, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. Anyone know where the sharlow bridge is on the maumee river? the dnr report said flatheads were being taken there (if you can trust them) but i have no idea where that is.
  2. Ray_IL

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  3. That's probablly it, but the dnr still had it spelled sharlow...must of heard it from word of mouth. it also said the flatheads were being caught on nightcrawlers. don't know about you but i would be 99% of the catters on this board use something other than crawlers for their baits for monster flatties.
  4. Mr. Catfish

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    If it is the Charloe bridge they are talking about I wouldn't waste much time fishing for flatheads there.I fish the auglaize for cats and this part of the river ( up river from the power dam) holds very few flatheads.The biggest I have heard of or seen from this part is 5 lbs.You are more likely to catch channel cats and bullheads.Give a few more years and this area should hold more flatheads .I did lose one on my ultra light that might have went 10 lbs.

    If you want flatheads fish the Maumee or the auglaize down stream of the Power dam.