Shanty Question (cracked sled)

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Zfish, Jan 22, 2008.

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    Well I noticed my shanty had a small crack barely noticable (Clam Fish Trap Pro) I went out ice fishing Monday afternoon and apparently must have smacked a rock and made it worse.

    The good news was that I got the runner kit and put it on this evening but I now have about a 1.5 to 2 inch crack now. Is there anything that will fill it in and make it so it wont spread? I was thinking of the bedliner stuff. Any thoughts or do they make a sled repair kit ?
  2. Where is the crack? If on a flat area I would find something to rivet to the inside of it and maybe use some jb weld to fill it from the outside.

  3. Zfish

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    It's on the runner in the very back 2 inches before it turns up. The good thing is that the runners after I put them on pretty much cover it up but I want to fill it in with something that will hold for a long time. I thought about the JB Weld but didnt know if that would stick to Plastic
  4. Epoxy. Go to a hardware store (not Home Depot or Lowe's) and talk to one of the older guys. Clean the area with acetone or nail polish remover. Burnish area with steel wool or sand cloth. Re-clean then apply a thin layer or two. Happy fishin...;)
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    JB Weld, plastic welders or any other type of bonding does not work due to the resin in the plastic.The easiest thing to do is get a small piece of perforated steel with 3/16" holes or flat sheet metal and drill your own holes.It will need to be secured on both sides of the crack to keep it from getting bigger.A friend or family that has access to material in the metal field will be able to help.Also, use the teflon locking nuts for securing to the bolts.If you lived closer, I would fix it for you myself.........Mark
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    Thanks for the offer Mark. :) I wish I could bring it from Denver to Ohio on this trip back with me. I'd still like to get out on the ice with you one of these days ! What do you think about the bedliner idea? If it would hold that wouldnt be a bad idea for the whole inside of the sled to make it non slip. Thats where i was thinking of going with it.
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    I forgot to give an update. I fixed the shanty 2 days ago. I found some of black hard rubber tubing and melted it with my soldering iron and filled in the cracks with it and so far it's held up well. Went out Later Weds night in Sub 0 weather and it held up great with no issues. Figured it may help someone in the future.