Shanty lighting option and Ice screws.......

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    I just picked up a neat little light for the shanty. Here's a link to what it is,looks like.
    I got mine off E-bay for $8 shipped.
    It's got a neat center hanger just perfect for hanging in the shanty. It's pretty bright too.

    Secondly, do any of you use a climbers ice screw for a shanty anchor?
    With everything i've read on them, It seems like the best answer. They are a little pricey thou.
  2. I have heard good things about the ice climbing screws for anchors also. I have gotten by either leaving the shanty hooked to the quad or drilling an extra hole and slushing the sled in good before I set it up. If you slush it in you need to carry something to bust it loose, a spud or small prybar.

  3. bassmastermjb

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    You can save yourself some money and just go to the hardware store and buy some lag bolts.They'll screw right into the ice with a drill.........Mark
  4. nice looking light. as far as ice screws i use the T-handle ones made by shapell they go for $3.99 for two just hold them on the heater until nice and hot and screw them right through the floor of my dx300. works great and remove fast.
  5. chaunc

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    Hey Capt S, you got a link for them? I'd like to get a couple.
  6. just go to and then to the parts $3.99 a pair.
  7. Not trying to rain on your parade here but. Cold weather really drags batteries down fast. Dry cells seem to really go fast. I tried using 2 6 volt dry cells hooked in series for the first time I used a fishfinder on ice. It lasted less than 2 hours. Since it uses 4 drycells ( the light ) that means it runs on 6 Vdc. I would try to find a rechargeable 6V gel cell. Or you could run two of these lights in series off a 12V battery.
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    For anchors, I bought some "steps" that you screw into a tree for like $1.49 each at WalMart.(at the moment, the proper name escapes me) But they are heavy duty and I trust they'll hold up fine. I never thought about heating them up first....that should be a tip added to the "ice fishing tips" on the top of this page, if it hasn't been added already!!
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    looks good, id give it a shot and see how long they last. i have this LED headlamp i got a couple years ago, bright as heck. about 3 years ago. i use it every time i ice fish (when it gets dark) but its not on all the time. i bought a bunch of batteries for it, but i have yet to change the batteries. (i keep a spare set in my tackle bag) LED lights are pretty amazing. if it works out for you id consider getting some rechargeables and a charger.
  10. 1977 walleye guy

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    Come on guys.....your telling me That you would rather A: carry a drill around with you to put lags in, B: Those t-handles ( i've had some just like them) which are a pain in the arse to start or C: use your pinkie finger to put in a couple of anchors in seconds?

    I think I'm gonna drop the change on a pair......If i'm wrong.....well at least one of us will have had exp. with them then LOL!!!