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  1. anyone know where i can get some of these using a cast net or seine? and i know its pretty hard to come by these since its so hot so im not asking for any certain spots i just hate paying for them and would rather catch em. any info would be appreciated...
  2. They are pretty easy to catch on the ohio river... Sometimes they are insanely thick in the tributaries and sometimes they are very hard to find. A boat will help you. Otherwise, Eastfork lake is loaded with shad. But again you would need a boat. Another idea is to try and find a state lake with a dam. There are usually shad under those areas. The great miami river has shad in it too... again try the dams.

    Hope that helps.

  3. stonelick lakes loaded with them
  4. Yeah I was out on my boat today at Stonelick and there are shad swimming everywhere. I didn't see large schools of them, but they were jumping everywhere. I am going to go back this week and try and get some with my cast net.
  5. Like stated before, they are thick on the ohio river right now....big tributary coming in had them so thick it looked like you could walk across the water on them. I threw the net twice and had half a 5 gallon bucket full..also snagged one while casting a jig for white bass...if that tells ou anything...they were about 6-8inches long
  6. I can tell you the last 3 trips or so down to the Cinci area on the Ohio, ( Schmidt, Tanners and Tanners launches) there have been hardly any shad anywhere, even the tribs.... finally found half dozen after 1.5 hrs of throwing in a tiny trib but man, was it a lot of work :(
    The spring is the best time to find them in the tribs as is late winter on shallow mud sunny banks.

  7. You can usually catch shad below low dams in the GMR. I have been catching my shad below the Troy dam in the GMR. You have to work for them but there are some there.