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Shad, Shad, and more Shad

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Reel Lady, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    Shad... a great mystery to me (which is very unfortunate I might add! :eek: )
    I see these beautiful, well, okay, not beautiful, but NICE catfish being caught on SHAD.... Where the heck do you get shad??? Can you buy it at any bait shops near Mosquito or West Branch? Can you catch them in a bait cast net?
    I've been wanting to fish for catfish with a live fish the last couple of times that I have been out. I always plan on catching a bluegill or 2 or 3 or 4 before we settle in for a night of catfishing. Unfortunately, Rob and I are just not capable of getting out of the house on time, which leaves us no time to fish for bluegill!
    So, please fill me in with some Shad info. The who's, where's, how's, and when's. Don't worry about the "why's" though, cuz I already know the answer to that! :D
    CUZ I WANT A BIG CATFISH!!!! That's why!
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions :)
  2. We used to get em with a sein. Me and my bro would get shad, chubs, and shiners. If you see a school of them you could trow a cast net. But i usually dont see a school of them so I got to buy em. Most bait shops that have alot of people fishing for cats will carry them. Or go to the pet store and get some decent sized gold fish.

  3. It won't do you any good right now, but in about a month, the Cuyahoga will be full of 'em...I mean like 100's of thousands or more. Last year they were in the 10"-16" range. I've never seen them that big before, usually they're about 6"-10". I'll PM you when they're in.
  4. The best way to catch gizzard shad is to go to the local spillway with a cast net. Cast your net on the edge of the white water and retrieve it quickly to avoid snags, or cast the net in a slack water pool that you know has a concrete bottom that doesn't hold huge rocks that ruins brand new nets in seconds. If your not all about visiting the local spillways, which is an experience in itself, then take your boat out on West Branch and creep up to the large culvert pipes in the back bays of the no wake zone and cast your net in front of the pipes and let it sink all the way to the bottom and then retrieve it. Be careful not to get snagged on the pipes or hit the pipes with the sinkers on the net because it will spoke all the baitfish out of there. Ask anybody and they'll tell you that Gizzard Shad are extremely hard to keep alive. I very rarely can keep them alive, so I usually cut of the tails and the heads, and use the mid section for bad, thus you have cut shad. Seemingly Shad are everywhere when your not trying to catch them but when you really want to catch them they can become non existent, but I usually end up finding them. Just in case I can't find any I keep box in my deep freeze filled with bags of whole shads. If you ever need some help or looking for a fishing buddy or somebody to catch some shad don't hesitate to give me a call, I live in the West Branch area. I learned a lot about catch shad from 'flathunter' jack, refer to this URL for some additional shad catching tips.
    ( TightLines!

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  5. I was at Atwood lake tonight (7:00) and seen gizzard shad spread out the size of a football field. If I would have had a throw net I could have got a thousand of them. They were in the flooded backwaters/ beer drinking area of the lake. :D Dellroy, behind the bridges.