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Shad or skipjacks?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by redman, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. I hear everyone talking about using these and I have a couple of questions.
    I have never used shad or skipjack and I was wondering where to catch them and how? Also how do you prepare them? do you use them as cut bait or live?
    I mainly fish small electric lakes and such, But I just bought a small sears elgin motor off of ebay so I might try a little bit bigger lake in the near future.
    Also how should I rig my lines? I mostly use bottom walkers and slip rigs, are these the right type of setup for live or cut bait?
  2. The easy way to find shad is to find a spillway, but it depends on your area. In some creeks, lakes, and rivers there are schools all over the place. Once you figure out an area to look, the schools are not hard to find as the work across the top of the water, which makes it realy easy to cast net them. Some people dont want to buy a cast net, but i would never take the time to snag them.

    Skips are in the ohio and maybe parts of the Musk. and sicota rivers. Ive caught a few in my cast net, but you can catch them on small white jigs and such.

    The trouble you go through keep either of these alive is not worth it. Once you cast them out they will die any way. With shad it depens on the size. Ive used whole small shad, but i like larger ones cut. Just cut it vertical into a few peices depending on the size, around one inch wide. I like the head, and the midbody parts are good but i dont bother with the tail. Freash shad seems to work best, but if you need to freez them they will be fine.

    I have not used skips that much, but ive used the the same way i do shad. A slip sinker rig will be fine.

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  4. i have to say i can understand that, i have never used them cut, but i have caught some big flats on live hogsuckers and small redhorse suckers
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  6. what kind of suckers work best
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  8. pt barnum said it best a suckers born every minute! :cool: