Sewage release on GMR?

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  1. thats sad, wish there was another alternative...cause thats just ridiculous

  2. Sometimes there just isn't any choice I guess. The carp will love it! When we upgraded our wastewater plant and really cleaned the water up, the fishing at the outlet (on Mad River) went downhill.

    I worry about how many chemicals are being dumped into the rivers. Has anyone else ever noticed the black water coming out of the outlet pipe below the old low dam in West Carrollton? We like to sit on the outlet and fish, but it makes me wonder what it could be. Treated wastewater is as clear as what comes out of your tap, and this is really black.
  3. I`ve taken a cast or two in that discharge in W.C. (it looks like a decent area) and I`ll agree it does have a odd color to it. It also has a distintive odor, especially in the summertime. Haven`t fished there this year but that section of river holds some nice fish, even as much pressure as it gets. The story about discharging the sewage is sad, hopefullt it doesn`t come to be.
  4. it happens more then most people know about, but its usuallly when we have heavy rains. the epa allows / permits this for older combined sewer systems but they are cleaning these up and eliminating these as required by the clean water act
  5. We've fished there several times this summer and I don't remember any odor. I do know all the really tiny fish love whatever it is - there will be a million of them right at the outlet swimming against the current, so it must not be a harmful chemical.
  6. Take a look back through some old posts of my father (Ol' Whiskers), and you'll see that the Hamilton Wastewater Treatment plant has been doing this on and off for a number of years for no particular reason. He even went to the state capitol building to testify about it, but nothing has changed since then. It's kinda sad, really.... I've seen that river run every color in the rainbow.
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    I always wondered why you can't catch any gamefish below Hamilton.
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    I believe the outfall below the WC dam is from the Appleton Paper waste water treatment plant across the road there. I've never seen it run black, but it does have a nasty funk to it, and its very warm. I've caught baitfish there lots of times, but would never keep anything to eat. I would never keep anything to eat from that entire river. The GMR is second only to the Cuyahoga in terms of industrial abuse in Ohio.
  9. WC gets a very foul smell at the discharge. I have been told that drain is used for other waste as well. It is monitered by taking water samples wich I have seen them do. and the fishing is GOOD at that spot when the fish are in there. tons of baitfish. Never seen anything wrong there besides the smell. But I wouldn't eat the crappy's if you know what I mean!
  10. good news, raw sewage would've kept me from wading for awhile.
  11. I think it adds a nice flavor to the fish.
  12. Especially them big crappie. They seem to taste crappier. ;)