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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by H2O Mellon, Mar 4, 2005.

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    I need some reels cleaned & so forth, any suggestions? I'm looking for a bait shop that I can mail them to, then get them mailed back. The place I used to go to in Dayton, takes forever & has gotten "reel" expensive. (get it "reel" expensive...... Ha, I crack myself up)

    Anyway, anyone have suggestions? I'm affraid to try it on my own, the last couple times, havent came out so wel......
  2. Call Rodmakers up in Strongsville and see what they can do for you, ask for Ray. (440) 572-0400 :)

  3. What type reels are you referring to. Spinning reels are very easy as there are very few parts. Take off the side platr and look inside. Clean the parts with alcohol if nylon or other plastic and the metal parts with laquer thinner and a tooth brush. Get some Hot Sauce grease and oil. A few dabs of grease on the gears and a drop of oil on the bushings/bearings.
    Baitcasters are another story as they have many parts. Send or take those to someone that knows what they are doing. I take my baitcasters to The Rodmakers. Last time was $17 for the cleaning plus any needed parts.
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    Call me or Jim @ Falls Outdoor Sports 330-929-9977
    I can rebuild anything and even clean it while its apart.