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  1. My "service engine soon" light came on last night when I was showing someone to drive stick. It stayed on this morning when I went to work, but it just went off. Most places are asking for $75 just to look at it. Should I be concerned as long as it stays off?
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    auto zone will read your code for you and tell you what it means ,for free.you might need further diagnotics check though.

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    I am probably over simplifying, but make sure that your gas cap is on securely. Sometimes you have to replace your gas cap. This has happend to me a couple of yimes in the past. If it anything outside of that I can not help. Good luck.
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    the above are two good suggestions.
    it also could have come on automatically,depending on mileage on the vehicle.they are factory set to come on at certain intervals...........50,000 or 60,000,100,000.i think different makers have different settings.mine came on when my truck turned 100,000.i could hear the speedo click at the same time as the light came on.just something to think about.i just got used to the light,and keep an eye on other gauges,and keep it maintained.

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    I have a 99 Ranger, the Service light came on. I was stupid and bought the entire OBD scanner for over $200, not realizing I could have had autozone use theirs, but regardless, my problem was a a little circuit board went out that controlled emissions. I don't remember the exact name of the board, but I called the dealer, spent $75 for the part, and installed it myself.

  6. Thanks for the help guys, I think I'll have Autozone check it out.
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    It is usually emmissions related. I've been told if the light goes off by its self it corrected the problem.
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    The wifes been on in her van for 5 years :D New twist this year. People who must get E-Checks (Emmisions Testing) like I do down here, cannot take a car that has it's light on. Did in the past, but they won't test it now. Just another racket. The daighters light came on a few weeks ago. Most are programed to come on , like MISFIT said, at 50,000-75,000- or 100,000 miles. Again , a racket. Some ARE telling you something might be wrong, most are not. CATKING
  9. Check your vacuum hoses. I've had 2 different vehicles that had a vacuum hose come lose and it caused the light to come on.

    Autozone would probably find it, but just another thought.
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    The check engine light has been on in my truck for 40.000 miles..My wife works at Auto zone she checked the code and it was emmission related.
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    mine came on and off for awhile until it recently went off..i also have about 172,000miles on my van..always keep up with my oil change and she still runs like a charm..
    during the time that it was on, i didn't noticed anything different about it..still drives and runs great..even after several oil change..
  12. Depending on the model of vehicle you may be able to check them at home. Most GM vehicles I've owned had a plug located somewhere under the dash for this purpose. You would short out two terminals in that plug (with ignition on/Engine not running) and the codes would be flashed to you through the check engine light. Had the light come on a couple weeks ago on my Buick, checked the codes with that plug and a paper clip and found an "Open O2 Sensor circuit" code. Checked it and found out my O2 sesor came unplugged. If you have a Haynes or Chilton manual for the car, they should list the codes in there and how to get them out (if you can at home). If you don't have one, check your local library, they may have a copy you can run copies of the pages you need on the copy machine. Also, sometmes you can clear the codes by disconnecting your positive battery terminal for some period of time. I've had good luck at times in the past looking up corrective actions for certain codes on dejanews (www.dejanews.com).
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    I have a 2000 ranger with only 43000 some odd miles on it and my light goes on and off too. I just ignore it, because everyone I have talked to said it is prob just a sensor. Stupid technology! :p
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    Light was on in my van, ('96 Town & Country), E-Check wouldn't touch it, said "the light is on, something HAS TO BE WRONG".

    Took her to Autozone, they checked and cleared the code which was nothing more than a "slow response" from one of the 02 sensors. Probably from some not-so-good-fuel.

    Took the van immediately back to E-check, they had to put it on the threadmill because I didn't let the computer reset :rolleyes: Passed with flying colors.

    E-Check is a freaking joke.....The State of Ohio really stepped in it when they signed up for that program.
  15. My 'Service Engine' light used to stay on in an old Buick I had. I knew the wire to the Oxygen sensor was messed up so I removed the dash panel and removed the bulb. Problem solved.
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    I know a few people that have done that also. ;)
  17. Those lights are purely emissions related. Best plan is just pull the bulb.
  18. My light went on recently also. 99 Ranger with 40,000 miles. The message was the EGR valve was having problems both insufficient and excessive air flow. I don't know much about mechanical things, but I have heard this particular valve can effect performance, specifically gas milage. I cleaned the valve and the light went out for a couple days, then it came back on. I am just trying to ignore it until there is a major change in performance. They guys at Auto Zone were very helpful to me. I visited the one here in Grove City.
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    dodge says at 120.000 miles when the light comes on that you should take the dash apart and take the bulb out ( nice fix ) if your light comes on and the car still runs fine you can disconect the neg. batt terminal for a few minutes and that will reset the computer, if theres nothing wrong when you hook the cable back up the light stay off but if it does come back on you could have a problem, if the cars running fine and the light is on i wouldn,t worry much cause it could be something stupid that set the light off but if you notice a difference in how the car runs than go have it checked.................. :cool:
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    "The message was the EGR valve was having problems both insufficient and excessive air flow. I don't know much about mechanical things, but I have heard this particular valve can effect performance, specifically gas milage"

    same thing happened to me....main symptom was the idling was very rough.

    Personally for me I like to know what the fault is so I can fix it or have it fixed.

    as far as removing bulbs, my old olds had a "FASTEN SEAT BELT" light that bugged the crap out of me.....that bulb came out of there after a few months.