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    Maybe it is just me and the few guys that i have talked to ...........who knows...............but i just aint seeing deer this year !! ive hunted all 3 days and havent SEEN a deer yet !! i am hunting in Tusc County and on good farms and mostly private property and i am hardly even hearing any shooting !! i mean the farms i am hunting on in the past years i would see upwards of 20 deer a day and that was while sitting on stand (not walk hunting and jumping them up) and i am not kidding you i havent seen a deer. How has everyone elses luck been ?? im wondering if the disease in the deers hit them harder then some people think it did ?? what do you guys think ??
  2. Aint seen jack in my neck of the woods. Talked with locals too and they havent seen any thing either. Im debating weather or not to go out tomorrow. I go back to work friday so its my last chance to go. This is the worst year ive ever seen. They say that the opening day numbers are down by 20,000. Thats a chunk of deer. The weather and the rut really didnt line up this year and i think it may be the big problem, or mabey its the aliens ubducting all the deer.:D

  3. i would start considering weather.Monday Rain,Tuesday wind, today wind.And the fact we have a record archery kill going.The weather has kept people from going out and couple that with a large number of tags filled.No pressure and bad weather mean deer arent moving.
  4. I haven't been out yet, but dad and his buddies have and they have been seeing deer, but really no bucks. Dad saw a 6 point on Monday and his buddy saw another buck. Tuesday and today they saw nothing but Does. I am hoping for a good turn out in the woods this weekend to get the deer pushed.

    In the area I hunt, there are two 40 acre plots and an 80 acre plot of woods that have pretty good hunting pressure. There is also a 160 acre plot of woods that no one is allowed to hunt. My guess is that most of the deer are over there since no one is bothering them.

    It has always been like this the later the gun season goes on for us. About 5 years ago, we got permission to walk through the woods, but not carry a firearm, just to get the deer moving. Wouldn't you know it, 19 Does came down the hill to me. I know that is where they are all at, I just have to be patient and hope that one wonders my way this weekend.
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    oh im gonna be patient and hunt as much as possible. i know that eventually ....i WILL get a shot at a deer !! plus ive got the 2nd gun season and muzzleloader season to hunt and i have a crossbow so i am in no hurry !! i contribute alot of the lack of deer to the weather conditions for sure.........and lack of hunting pressure.......... MOST guys request off opening day weeks in advance and we had HEAVY rain all day so many people stayed home and wont get to hunt till the weekend. i just HATE driving deer but i think that may be theonly way to get a shot before the weekend when everyone will be out again !!! i think that the kill numbers are gonna be WAY DOWN even with the added bow permits this year for does !!!
  6. I know that around Washington Co. the EHD hit our deer very bad. I know the weather bad and yadda yadda, but the fact stands that the same fields that used to be FULL of deer in the evenings are virtually empty, and have been for months. We found two more dead along the creek yesterday. Looked like they had been there for a few weeks, but I'm still seeing alot of bugs out when the temps hit the 50 degree mark. I think there are still some deer dying around here, but you are not smelling them like you did when the temps were up.
  7. I talked to my deer processor last night an dhe said Wednesday it has really started picing up. He said first couple of days slow but yesterday it almost doubleed.
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    tons of deer here in licking county... seen 30+ this week.


    Got Back Yesterday From Harrison Co. Hunted Public Land Mon And Tue Morn. Saw Nothing. Hooked Up With 5 Friends And Hunted Private Land Tue Afternoon And Wed Morn. They Had 2 Deer By Tues Morn. Tues Afternoon I Saw Nothing But One Guy Got A Small Doe And A Nother A Small Piebald Doe. Looks Really Cool Almost All White. I Saw 3 Deer Wed Morn But Way Out Of Range. Numbers Are Down Bad. I'll Give It Hell Up Here This Weekend. Good Luck
  10. We have been out a few times as well as other family members..muskingum area but mostly perry state forest, (morgan county), wolf creek-wild cat hollow area, and 29 acreas of private land that connects to wayne national forest. Not seen a thing! Brother did get an 8 point with a bow on the 29 acreas private land in morgan county.

    I have to agree they just are not out there. I thought maybe it was b/c we are hunting morgan and normally we hunt muskingum. I just don't know.

    weather is terrbile.

    I can't see a darn thing in the woods but 4 doe one poss a buck crossed right in front of me when I was driving about 11am yesterday morning. I stopped they jumped onto the bank turned and stood there looking at me as to taunt me. I drove off and they still were just standing there.

    MLAROSA Loving Life

    My father, his friend and myself were tagged out by tuesday morning at 9:30am. Pops and his friend killed a couple young bucks Monday in the rain, and Tuesday I killed an 8 pt and doe, and both of them got a doe in by 9:30.

    Monday mid morning we must have seen 30 to 40 deer, it was amazing.

    I think the weather has a big impact on the harvest numbers, but I don't think it's effecting the deer, but rather the ammount of PEOPLE out in the woods. It's hard to sit still in the pooring down cold rain, but if you did you got something.

    btw, we hunt in licking county, and are allowed 3 deer each. We just decided 6 deer to butcher was enough at the moment, and are saving our last tag (which isn't even purchased yet) for the 2nd gun season, or muzzeloading.

    Good luck
  12. I agree that the weather has played a big part but I wouldn't go as far as saying it didn't affect the deer. I agree that there were no hunters on Monday in my area to move the deer but if the deer were unaffected then they would have moved like normal. I sat in my stand all but 1 hour of the entire hunting day on Monday and saw nothing from the stand. That tells me they were hunkered down and waiting out the weather.;) I haven't been out again since so I can not comment on the rest of the week thus far.
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    I am in Allen county Ive been out mon. tue, and this morning. Have seen 4 deer, 1 skunk, and a fox. They are sitting tight!! The ones I saw were flushed by the only other hunter in the area. PATIENCE
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    I wont be down there til tomorrow, but from what my brother-in-law says they've seen only bucks on their farm. Only one of them was a shooter. A nice 10 point. They have been letting the rest walk. Problem is 4 or 5 does are usually taken for meat by now, but they are not seeing any does this year.
  15. Perry Co. numbers are way down, we have been finding dead ones all fall. Trails are void of prints.....trail cams have very few hits, stand sitting bears few sightings. ODNR insists that EHD is not a significant event....... but then they also said it wouldn't migrate to domestic stock, until the local dairy farmers ( and Vets...) confirmed it in their herds.... so the bottom line is , they really don't know much about it or how many deer have been killed by it. They will balme the weather and many other things before they admit there is a serious problem with the virus and scare potential permit buyers away.....
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    licking county numbers are great... i've seen a ton of deer this week
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    I've hunted pretty much every day this week and decided no to go out this morning with the wind gusts approaching 30 mph here in Dublin. I hunt 10 min from my place in Union co. on 1,100 acres of private land and I've only seen one deer this week and no shot opportunities. After being drenched for a couple of hours in the stand on Monday, my roommate and I decide to still hunt through the wood plots and we kicked up a doe out of some thick stuff and she bolted immediately and didn't look back. It was my buddy's first deer hunt with the apprentice license and I was disappointed that he didn't see more than a white tail prancing through the woods at 40 miles an hour. Nothing Tuesday and nothing yesterday. It's like a ghost town in these woods. Not a good gun season to have an entire week scheduled off. Oh well, I took this week off months ago and I've enjoyed not sitting in the cubicle on the phone with clients all day long. Good luck to ya'll. TP
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    i can't hunt anymore,but seen lots of deer in this area this year just while driving to and fro.a friend and his son have scored two nice bucks so far and seen more.i now live 15 minutes from my old hunting grounds and wish i could still get out,cause there's plenty here.of course i could just go sit on my son's deck and get one if i really felt like it;)since they travel and bed around his house regularly;) (where i also used to live and hunt).
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    deer will still move in the wind. windy days do not mean that deer are locked up tight.
  20. Ive been hunting in Columbiana County at private farms rangin from 50 acres to 300 acres. One guy from my group got a small 7 pointer and another guy got a button buck. As far as number go so far this week i have seen probably 10 deer all does none of which were in shooting range and my dad has seen upwards of 30. The weather has played a huge factor with it being nearly impossible to hear or see the deer. What a difference a little bit of snow would make. Overall, we really havent been hearing many shots and the deer count seems to be much lower than previous seasons. Hopefully a bunch of guys will be in the woods this weekend to get the deer moving.