SEPTEMBER 11th. Did you forget?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Nikster, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Tuesday, September 11th

    American Flags were everywhere following 9-11-01, but that patriotism is waning... We, as Americans, should fly the flag every day, but especially on this Tuesday... Every home, office, car, truck, motorcycle and bicycle should be flying "Old Glory"...........

  2. I agree...I hope to see a lot of flags on September 11th.

  3. misfit

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    this thread will stay open for comment,but keep the politics out of it please,or it will be closed.
    thank you
  4. I know it's a day I'll never forget. My prayers go out to all who were lost and their families. May we never forget that eventful day. Proud to be an American!
  5. jeffmo

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    mine never comes down,unless it needs replaced.
  6. Same here jeffmo. Ol'Glory flys here 365 days a year 24/7.
  7. Seaturd

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    Same here with a bright red USMC flag under it offering support in honor of no. 1 son who is a Marine and no. 2 son whom will be this coming summer.
  8. Toxic

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    I fly my Stars & Stripes with an USAF pennant all year along with an USAF Flag, and a Support our Troops flag. I also have two big yellow ribbons out. And I have put several small US flags going up both sides of our porch rails.
  9. Same here!!!!! Mine never comes down unless I am in need of a new one.I have 2 nephews that I every time I see them I shake their hands and thank them for doing what our Country asked them to go do. It just would not be right not to have one flying for them and everyone else in this great Country of ours!!!!!!!!!!
  10. psychobubba

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    mine is out all the time. lit at night for all to see![​IMG]
  11. Same here, 24/7 !! I flew it before 9/11, & I'll fly it 'til the day I die. When I was a kid, we went into the front yard to the 20' flag pole, & raised ole glory every day & brought her down at night. Hope my 2 boys understand & fly it every day also. GOD bless the USA !!
  12. My flag has flown 24/7/365 for the past 12 years. May God Bless America and all she stands for.:)
  13. You guys inspire me. Thank you.

    A friend recently began Navy UDT. (Early Sept) He is commited to serving His/Our Country to the best of his ability. Best as I know, this is the first step toward SEAL training.....thats his goal.

    Pray for all those who serve.
    Please keep Our Flag flying high and proud.
  14. shwookie

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    I recently took mine down.

    I was checking it out one day and read on the tag "Made in China". I need to replace it with a real flag.
  15. You bought that at Wal X Mart right?

    Send it too:
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500
  16. shwookie

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    No, I got it at the local True Value/Ace Hardware store.
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    A poster reminds the board of a very important date in our history and you threaten to close the thread due to political reasons? Isn't that a little heavy-handed? Keep in mind that more people died during the 9/11 attacks than died during the Pearl Harbor attacks that dragged us into WWII. It's important that people don't forget that. People in this country NEED to remember why we've taken the fight to the enemy beyond our borders.

    You've disappointed me Misfit and that's a real shame. Ban me if you wish or whatever but I think that stinks. Would you have said the same thing about Memorial Day or Veteran's Day?

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    craig,you need to go back and read again.and you also might notice there is a post that was deleted that you most likely didn't see.if not,you have no idea what was in that post or why i "threatened" as you put it,to close the thread.
    it has absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the thread.and i haven't forgotten a thing,nor do i have anything against the matter that has been posted by most.
    this thread was pulled by someone else due to unecessary political commentary(that was deleted) and i took it upon myself to put it back up for the reasons you mentioned and i personally don't care if i disappoint you or not,but your reasons are don't question my patriotism or motives for any action i've taken with regards to it's content,because you apparently don't have a clue.
  19. We have worn out so many I can't remember!!! It has flown in front of my house 24/7 since we went to Iraq the first time. Bless our troops and their families for all the sacrifices and hardships they endure. They all are my HEREOS!!!!
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    No . I didn't forget. What will forever be burned into my brain was the picture of a woman and man clenching to one another as they dropped from the building. Over the past few years it is apparent that many ,MANY Americans have forgotten. Politics should stay out of this. This was an attack on American soil and our vengence should be TOTAL. Some people don't get that point and never will. I will never forget the passengers on flight 93 , who took control, and many probably thought they hope this was'nt in vain or forgotten.Forget? never in my lifetime. But others surely have. And they know who they are. THE CATKING....:(