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Sept 1

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by WalleyeGuy, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Just a little reminder folks.
    The State wildlife areas are closed to all activities except hunting, fishing and trapping starting Sept 1.
    Please be safe and stay out of harms way if you like walking/hikeing these areas.
    Sept 1 opens the Squirrel, Goose and Doves seasons here in Ohio.
  2. Is that new this year?
    I think you forgot to add :
    "All wildlife areas are closed to all activity other than hunting, trapping, and fishing from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. September 1 through May 1 and from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. May 2 through August 31."
    That is from the ODNR website -

  3. I did not forget to add a thing.
    It was just a short reminder to the real sportsmen on this site.
  4. Yea, no fake sportsmen allowed lol :D :rolleyes:
  5. I will agree it is a reminder, and a good one at that, to sportsmen but I think it can serve as a reminder to those of us that hunt public wildlife areas that there may be others using the area as well. Also, as long as the activities that they are doing are legal then they have as much right to be there as the hunters as long as the activities are not meant to harass sportsmen since there are laws to protect all sportsmen against that.
    Walleyeguy, I think you had a very good idea to remind us all about September 1st. All I was saying was that there are times when widlife areas are actually closed to ALL activity other than hunting, fishing, trapping. SO, any of you guys that are butterfly chasing, bird watching, taking pictures of wildlife are still allowed to be out there after September 1st just not between the hours of 8pm and 6am.
  6. And you may want to choose to wear bright clothing.;)

    I agree with Parrotthead in that there are plenty of other activities that folks enjoy in the wildlife areas aside from the hunting. I think everyone should be aware that these activities can and do coexist with hunting activities so as to avoid any accidents or confrontations. We don't need any hunter confrontations with non-hunters.:rolleyes:
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    Watch Out Weenie Puffers The Hunters Are A Commin .
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    Freyed knot. Aren't all the Weenie puffers at Nimisila?