Seneca Spillway

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  1. I am heading to Seneca Lake tomorrow to try fishing behid the dam. I usually do real good on saugeye and walleye behind there. I'll post my results.
  2. I was thinking of trying that this weekend also. I haven't been there in years but I know that is a good spot if the water is up a little. I quit going there when there was so many people getting fined for snagging fish. I didn't snag but felt like I was being watched and couldn't drink a beer and relax.

    Good luck maybe I'll see you there Sunday before noon.

  3. Knew2Fish

    Knew2Fish Eye for 'eyes

    Very interested in your results guys. I've never fished behind the dam, didn't realize you could actually. Been fishing the main lake the last 6 years from may-oct and really enjoy it! Do most of my spillway fishing at deer creek and hoover, but may have to make an early trip before the camper and I make our way to the main lake. Good luck on the 'eyes!
  4. Well Freak, Didn't see ya at Seneca because I went to Saltfork spillway. There was 2 guys there when I got there, they did no good so they went up to the mouth of the spillway at the dam and I stayed at the west tube close to Wills Creek and fished a couple hours. I couldn't beg a bite, I beat the water to a froth and nothing. Still it beat sitting on the couch and I got home in time to see the race. All in all - good day for this time of year. Oh yea, Saltfork is still covered with ice and it may be a while yet for open water around here.
  5. The water flow into the spillway was like watching the Daytona 500. I couldnt keep a 1 ounce weight on the bottom. I know there are fish in there I have probably caught 100 saugeye out of there in the last two years. I just wish it was a bit wider though still it has plenty of fish if you are there at the right time with the right bait. I would like to meet someone at seneca or salt fork for some spillway fishing in the upcoming weeks ahead.