Seneca Lake

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  1. I talked my Dad into going there on 6/2 even tho he wanted to go to Salt Fork. We havnt had a lot of luck on the eyes there as of late. Went out yesterday, next to the small island at 7:30am. Fished nothing but 1/16 jigs ( hot pink was the best ) with bass minnows. Pulled the anchors up at 10:40. We got a 2 small stripers,2 small perch,too many white bass to count and 27 Saugeyes. A lot of the Eyes were dinks,but kept a 2 man limit that were between 16-17in. I dont think that will be the last time I will have any trouble getting him to go there. It was a spot that we just sort of ran across and saw fish on the graph. All the fish came out of 10-12 fow along a good drop-off. You couldnt feel a lot of them. Using 6ft. light action rods with 4lb. test sure helped. We were using the lift and drop,most time the jigs just stopped and when you went to lift it again there they were.
  2. I am gonna have to bring Misfit and come over there I guess.Been hearing some awful good reports from there.Been years since I fished there but I still remember it well.Better get to it I guess,defianately sounds worth the trip.

  3. They have put a lot of Eyes in there the last few years. Of course it dont hurt having the hatchery just over the dam. I think they stocked it 3 times just last year alone. Whatever is left in one of their ponds after stocking the put in the lake.
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    Nice post Tiny!! Glad you got your dad out and hit them! Since I haven't done as well at Piedmont I might have to make the drive! Good job!! See ya on the water!
  5. i've done ok at the boat launch and the lake side of the damn the last few times i been there with a chartruce and minni.....but most have been small for the most part
  6. Thank Guys!! I had heard that they were getting them pretty good there for awhile. I WALL I, Pap is coming around now that the weather is warmer. He has been hitting Salt Fork quite a bit with mixed results. Only small Crappies and Saugeyes. He did get a 5# Saugeye last Friday. Had a heck of a time getting him to go to Seneca,but now that is all he talks about.
  7. I'm going down to Seneca on Sunday the 15th with family (renting a Pontoon). Anyone have any good tips for a novice who is looking to show up his father and unfortunatly his wife as well? I love to fish I just never catch anything, I'm always just watching!!!!