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  1. Can anyone tell me which cell phone companies work at Seneca Lake? Thanks.
  2. yea i can - I work for the phone company here local. All-Tel and Verizon both have cell towers on the west side of the lake. Verizon has a new 280' tower which is fiber fed northwest of the lake and All-Tel has a tower on top of the hill off hatchery rd and one on Salem rd. They have tied circuits for roaming from one to the other. Either should provide good cell service, but I'm partial to Verizon as they sign my pay check.
    I've got notice of another cell tower going up on the south side of the lake by one or the other. Range for a tower is 10 mile in this hill country. My job is engineering and providing a hard comunications path either by copper cable or fiber cable for the high speed date lines needed back to a interconnect switch which connects to the world. yada - yada - yada high tech crap.

  3. I was hoping you would see this Jigger!! If anyone could answer her question ,it would be you. You da man!!!!
  4. I have not had any problems with Cingular (now AT&T)
  5. I have been all over Seneca and Salt Fork with my All-Tel phone and have not had any problems.
  6. Thanks for your replies. I am going to have a grandchild with a chronic illness at my camper at Seneca Lake this coming summer so I want to have a cell phone that works.
  7. Speak with the representative regarding a trial period of 15 to 30 days so you could check out the reception on a few different days.
  8. this question has pretty much been answered, but since i live on the south end of the lake, i'll tell ya that the north end is good for about any service but sprint. Sprint is no good and alltel is sometimes iffy on the south end, but reliable. verizon and cingular seem to be the best nowadays on both ends
  9. I need to correct myself - Verizon has two cell towers , the other one is on the high hill above the beach area on the Baptist church ground area,

    Note - Verizon also has the wireless high speed internet available for the Seneca Lake area which is super for the people wanting internet service in that area. ( I feel like a salesman instead of a fisherman) sorry folks.