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Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FishJunky, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. FishJunky

    FishJunky AEP Tuber Association

    Was down at Seneca Lake this past weekend. Took the wife down to a friends camper for her birthday. We got to go fishing Sat. afternoon when it stopped raining :D . Just did some bank fishing for bass, gills and cats. I have never seen so much bait fish in the water!!! :eek: It was crazy... Saw huge schools of fry all over the place and 12" shad. Never saw shad that big. :eek: Is this normal for this time of year down there? Over all we had a great time. Seneca is a wonderful lake. If you were down there did anyone have any luck??
  2. I don't know about Seneca, but I've seen a lot of fry elsewhere lately. A sight to see are the small shad at Piedmont this time of year. It almost seems like the entire surface of the lake is covered in small shad, with fish attacking them from underneath, right next to the boat. :rolleyes: That was my excuse why we couldn't catch much. :D


    JUSTCRAZY Wurlds Wurst Spellor

    Dad and I went to the river one time and could see the water rippling with bait even in the pitch black. We soon found out how many were there when I threw a small 4' cast net. There were so many of those stupid little shad stuck in the net that I spent the next hour or two pulling the dang things out of the net. I have promised myself to never do that again. :eek:
    The net was so heavy I could barely get it in the boat, the bait was tooooo small, and we couldn't buy a bite. By the time the sun came up there were so many baitfish there that it would've been no task at all to walk across the river on them.

  4. katfish

    katfish Cats are where it's at!


    I think the sight of many shad fry and adult shad are a good thing. Large predators are dependent on a huge forage base to stay healthy.

    At times when barometric pressure drops algae floats up in the water column.
    If this coincides with sunlight shad will gather in great numbers and feed.

    This year in particular shad spawned before the predatory species (many of those predatory species nests were ruined by the flood) and then again after the predator fish attempted spawning.

    The catfish seemed to back off spawning altogether but now it seems they intend to spawn---although maybe to late in the year for a suceessful year class of fingerlings.

    Over 95% of those surviving shad will not survive the winter ;)
    But they will provide good feed for predators until then. Healthy schools of small shad are indicators of a healthy habitat for fish.


    Also, adult shad will exceed 12 inches.
  5. FishJunky

    FishJunky AEP Tuber Association

    Thanks for all the info. :)
  6. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I would like to have some of those 12 inch shad that were mentioned live! But I know that is next to impossible! I need to get myself some for some cattin bait!
  7. moke11


    At Alum Creek on Saturday there was a south to north wind blowing that had a boat load of shad stacked up at Cheshire road. We took a couple of 12 inchers and put them in the freezer for later in the season. Sounds like this is happening in more than one place.