Seneca anyone?

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  2. I was at seneca this past weekend the lake was to calm and few fish caught. But behind the dam I caught 10 saugeye in about five hours along with a few cats, white bass and a 26 inch striper which i threw back. I fought the striper for about fifteen minutes because of the 4 lb line that I had. It was a great fight. The lake should start picking up in about two weeks if the cold nights stay how they are.

  3. behind the dam? isn't that where the hatchery is?
  4. Juan More Fish

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    Good fishing over there?
    I have been told to fish there, But it looks shallow.
  5. Yes there is some very good fishing in the spillway,it is shallow and the best time to fish it is when they let water out of the lake it brings the water level up down there a good bit i havent fished it too much in the fall but in the spring you can catch some whopper saugeyes in there up over the 10 lb range!it gets pretty crowed in there though and you will catch alot of fish with sores on them from people trying to snag them with heavy blade baits..
  6. How do you get down to it?
  7. One thing I have never done at Seneca is ice fish. I have been going there for over twenty years and never been on the ice except for when its deer season. I shot a buck once down there and had to retrieve it from on the ice. I had to go but ice cleats just to drag the buck off the ice. It did slid easily when I could finally get footing on the ice.
  8. TClark it all depends where your coming from if you are at the dam bait shop just drive right across the dam road and you look down to your right and the spillway is right over the hill you take the first road on the right past the hatchery drive and it will take you right to it..
  9. Thanks so much Ronnie!!
  10. Anytime!!keep me posted on what ya catch and good luck!