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Sen. Grendall gets his payback from Taft

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Lewzer, Mar 11, 2005.

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  1. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    This is how our representatives are handled when they try to represent our views......:mad:
    I'm moving to a state that has leaders with brains, like Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas or Mississippi.:(

    Legislator ousted from panel

    Republican says he asked too many questions about actions of state agencies

    COLUMBUS - State Sen. Tim Grendell, R-Chesterland, was booted from the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review after he raised questions Monday about Gov. Bob Taft's plan to shift $67 million in costs forspecial-needs children to local school districts and to charge a $5 parking fee at state parks.

    Both issues are volatile: Citizens are calling legislators to oppose the parking fees, and school officials are organizing to fight an increasing wave of cuts in aid to public education.

    It was the big-ticket schools item that landed Grendell in trouble with Senate President Bill Harris of Ashland.

    ``I was told I asked too many questions'' and didn't understand the workings of JCARR, said Grendell, a graduate of law schools at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Virginia.

    ``I would suggest that I know more about JCARR than any member of the Senate,'' he said Thursday.

    The committee comprises five senators and five House members who review rules that state agencies have proposed to ensure they comply with legislative intent and do not conflict with other rules.

    Harris removed Grendell from the committee because it has a limited role in reviewing state rules, and Grendell ``was approaching it with a parochial view,'' said Harris' spokeswoman, Maggie Mitchell.

    Other committee members had the same opinions as Grendell but recognized the panel's limitations, Mitchell said.

    Grendell said he went to the meeting Monday believing an Ohio Department of Job and Family Services stance that federal pass-through money forspecial-needs children had to be cut off from local schools April 1.

    In the discussion, however, he and other members of the rule-review committee found inconsistencies that caused them to doubt the family services department, he said.

    A decision was put on hold.

    Grendell then was removed from the committee. On Thursday, the committee reconvened and voted 6-4 not to interfere with the department's cancellation of the pass-through.

    Grendell also suggested in the Monday meeting that charging a parking fee at state parks may create as many as 27 conflicts with Ohio law. For example, he said, state law says handicapped citizens are supposed to camp for free, but now they must pay a fee to park their camper.

    Grendell said that Taft, Harris and House Speaker Jon Husted are shutting down anyone who asks questions. Leaders are trying to ``paint a picture of gentility and gentlemanliness, but I actually think they're being more tyrannical than past years,'' he said.

    ``I was elected by 350,000 citizens,... not a half-dozen or a dozen Republicans in Columbus who are going to tell me what to do,'' Grendell said. ``We're in Iraq to teach people about democracy. I would like to see democracy flourish in Ohio, too.''
  2. catking

    catking Banned

    Hey guys and gals- I locked this thread but choose to leave it here for now. I feel it is too political and that politics is something we need to leave out of threads. It would be one thing if it was strictly talking about the parking fees, but it's not. I do NOT like to play big brother, but I'm trying to be fair to otherds who have had their political threads moved. Rick..... :)

  3. iwdavefish

    iwdavefish Fishin' Fanatic

    It's a sad day in America when people who disagree with the party line are pushed to the sidelines and labeled a nonconformist. Isn't that how it works in China?
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