Selective Harvest?

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  1. While watching In-Fisherman the other day, they were promoting "selective harvest". As I understand it, "selective harvest" is keeping the smaller fish, and releasing the larger fish. The theory behind selective harvest appears to be that the genetically superior fish (the big healthy ones) should be released (so they can reproduce), and the unhealthy-genetically inferior fish should be weeded out of the gene pool, right? While the theory sounds nice, is it actually possible to weed out the genetically inferior fish? In other words, how do "selective harvesters" know when they harvest a small fish, it's not a healthy youngfish. In other words, it is possible genetically superior fish are being harvested because they are only a year to two old. In my mind this practice could result in putting a major dent in a young generation of fish... Any other thoughts?
  2. I idea behind selective harvest is that the younger smaller fish are easier to replace. The bigger fish lay more eggs per pound of fish than smaller ones. so by keeping the larger fish in the population you have better spawns. ( in theory). selective harvest also deals with lakes were fish growth is stunted by the fact there are to many fish in one age class competeing for the same food source. Thats why many lakes have slot limits. Bottom line of selective harvest is only take what you can use. It does no good to fill your freezer if you end up throwing it away later. Just my 2 cents

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    I remember seeing that In-Fisherman show. I think they were talking slot fishing where you can only keep say a fish within a set size from between like 12" to 15". Any other size fish should be released so the bigger fish can get bigger and they can pass on their genes to the next generation. In theory, it would keep the food supply in abundance therefore providing a better fishery. The theory is that there are more fish within a set range while the smaller and larger fishes are being eaten or starving.

    In theory and if everyone participate in it, it could improve the big fish catch ratio. It just all depends if people would actually follow the guideline.
  4. My thinking for walleye is keep the first 6 and quit, because touching in any way could cause disease.

    At least be very careful when returning. Either don't touch or wet hands first.