See you at the BOAT SHOW!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Big Daddy, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. There's a lot more info to come on this, as a lot is still in the works, but I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop.

    The folks at the Cleveland Boat and Waterfront Lifestyle Expo, presented by Toyota, are on-board with us here at OGF.

    OGF will have a booth at the event and we'll be sharing it with our media partners, WKYC Outdoors and Inside the Great Outdoors radio.

    Also, two of the boat dealers who advertise on OGF will also be there. Vic's Sports Center, as well as South Shore Marine, so stop in and say "HELLO!"

    There is much more to come, including how you can attend the great seminars offered in the Walleye, Steelhead and Bass Colleges, which, this year, has a new partner, FLW Outdoors. I know we'll have a good OGF representation there too! Big things to happen there, so look for the announcements.

    For more details on the show, hit their website through the link above or click on their ad and you'll be taken there.

    See you at the OGF booth in January!

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  3. Thanks for the info, Carl. Any news on an outdoor show like last years? Not the one at the IX center.
  4. I'm pretty sure Yknot frank is getting his together somewhere in Parma... I'm sure he'll let us know.

    Plus, a little bird told me the Vic's Sports Center show will be held at Vic's place on Tallmadge Rd...

    If I hear any more details on any, I will pass them along.
  5. 10-4. Thanks for the info.
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    Hey, will you guys be down at the Cincinnati show this January, I will be there set up right accross from the fish tank, If your going I would love to put some info in my booth as well or if not I would do it also. Let me know if I can help in anyway. I am doing the whole show not just the fishing,hunting part of it. S
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    any place to get discounted tickets?
  8. Toxic

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    I'm heading up Monday with Firemurph.
  9. Tickets are $10 at Zeppe's Pizza. Not sure where/if they are selling them discounted anywhere else.
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    I'll be there today. I'll be wearing the t shirt that says "note to self box with CHECK drainplug" Say hi if you see me wandering around.

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    I was there today, ran into a few familar faces.
    I was fairly impressed actually, it was a lot better then I expected and it put the sportsmen show to shame.
  12. I was there! I met up with Big Daddy and got to talk boats w/ Nipididdee (by the way, thanks for the hat!) If you didn't go today, you missed out on the seminars put on by Vic and Tyrone. They did a great job offering tons of useful information on bass fish'n! If you get the opportunity to hear either of these guys don't miss it.
  13. It was great to see lots of OGFers there today. Thanks to all for stopping by. Even you "lurkers" out there... Good to talk to you.

    I really like it when I see an OGF hat or shirt, and the Vermilion Hawgfest shirt I saw was GREAT! Good to let folk sknow who you are...

    I don't want to list everyone, because I know i'll forget someone... Spent 10 hours there by myself today... Fireline, Jobu, Commodore64,walkin on water, good to meet you. Ohiou98, you too. The seminars were popular and from what I heard, very informative. I see those guys and wonder if my little talk on small pond fishing will even be close! LOL!

    I'm there Sunday open til 3 or so. Last year's Angler of the Year "Shortdrift" and this years AOY leading vote getter "Hettfieldinn" will be manning the booth for awhile. They may even sign autographs! :D

    Thanks for the kind words everyone.
  14. All these OGF folks and you got stuck for 10hrs solo!!! At least you had a chair:p :p

    BTW- Bigdaddy put to shame all the booths nearby with traffic, go OGF!!!

    Nice to meet many of you today, I hope I was helpful for MANY boating questions!!!

    I'm taking 1/13 off (shhh) but will return full days next Saturday and Sunday. If you make it around Vic's Sports center just down the row from OGF, stop in and say howdy.

  15. There were offers to watch the booth for me while I ate some lunch or stretched my legs (THANKS Reel Man) and I know if I would have said Saturday was a "need", we would have had help... NO PROBLEMO!

    Het and Shortdrift will be there this afternoon so I can get to my youngest sons birthday pizza party! THANKS GUYS!

    There will also be a few other of our fine membership helping out Monday, Thursday, and Friday... It is GREATLY appreciated, guys.

    Come out and check out the show. You never know who you're gonna see!
  16. Big Daddy,

    It was nice meeting you at the booth. I enjoyed looking through the photos in the album.

    Thanks for the tips on Mosquito Lake pike; I intend to give it a shot this spring with my neighbor (he's 91.... so my canoe and the Cuyahoga are not a good option for him).

  17. Good luck on the pike Dave. I hope you tie your buddy into a biggun. There are still a few left there..

    Today was GREAT at the show. Not only did I get to see a lot more OGFers, I got to leave early! WHOOPPEE!!! Thanks Shortdrift and Het for manning the booth.

    It was a pretty steady weekend. Nick came with me today and was "recruited" by the Sea Grant booth to help with their crawler harness tying. He made a few up and gave them away at our booth, and was tying hooks on some and helping some of the kids who stopped by put the harnesses together.

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by. Hey Mac, did your wife buy that big boat she was looking at?? :)
  18. At the Turtle Creek Het-Together, there will be Sharpies available, so print this pic out and bring it. I'm sure Shortdrift and Het will sign... We at OGF have no control over what they will charge, and will take NO PROFIT from such blatant self-promotion! LOL!!!:D :D


    Thanks guys!