See any eagles???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Big Daddy, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Have been watching a pair at Nimi all the waterfowl season this year.

  2. Call Crane Creek and let them know! That's cool Owen! Who got more ducks, you or the eagles? :D !@
  3. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    Up here in Ottawa Co. theres a bunch!! Just saw a pair off rt. 2 the other day and the woods we hunt in has a nest. Oak Harbor golf course has a nest well heck they're everywhere lol not much for us to see one.. they sure are cool though-if i can ill snap a pic of one!!!
  4. Juls

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    The pair that had a nest at RT 2 and 163 exit are rebuilding. Their nest blew down two weeks ago in that big wind we had. I saw her putting sticks back up, but not much else has been done since last weekend.
    She better hurry up, because it's almost time to start sitting on the nest again.

    They are all over the place here in Ottawa County. There are 5 nests within a 2-3 mile radius of our house alone.

  5. Big Daddy, Would ODOW be interested in a sighting a few months ago? If so, I saw one along the Ohio River on Rt.7.
  6. Fish2day

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    Saw one sitting on the log on the north side of S.R. 14 in Lake Rockwell last month. It was gone before I could get back around
  7. Thats Cool! I look every time I pass but haven't seen anything.
  8. Carl
    Been seeing a big Bald Eagle at Westbranch the past few months feeding and flying, I informed one of the Park Rangers about seeing it. She told me that she hopes it doesn't nest neat the Campground, Otherwise they would have to close it? I'd like to see them nest at Westbranch, Some place that the idiots can't bother them? Thanks Carl.

  9. Fish2day

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    Another sighting yesterday driving east on S.R.5 just before the arsenal entrance. This one was soaring just above the trees between the highway and West Branch. Pulled over and watched him for a few nimutes, he never even moved his wings except to turn. Must have had a pretty good up current.
  10. My wife called me yesterday, in a stae of high excitement... She said "guess what..?" I replied "you wreck the car AGAIN?" LOL!

    She saw her very first bald eagle in the wild... She was shopping (imagine that) up at the Plaza at Chapel Hill(Sam's Club, I think) and saw one fly over. She was very happy. Said she..., "White head and tail, dark brown body... AN EAGLE! I saw one!!!"

    I told her she should come fish with me and Nick more often... :D
  11. Saw one just south of Bolivar by the scales along 77 Christmas eve day. It's cool to see it becoming a common thing to see.
  12. saw one to day at nimasila,watched it for about a half hour or so.awsome site to behold.ive seen eagels there befor.probly getting ready to build there nest for spring hatch