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Security Camera

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by AtticaFish, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. AtticaFish

    AtticaFish Jiggin Freak

    Family spends a lot of time in the basement now after fixing up a room down there and feeling like we are cut off from the outside. There is only 1 basement window visible in the room. It is high up by the ceiling and it has a well around it so really can't see outside at all.

    Looking for something very simple. Don't want to access from my phone or a computer 10K miles away over the internet. Just want a stupid simple security camera that i can mount outside and run a cable down into my basement and view on a screen. Almost like putting in a video window to the outside. Best option (in my head) would be to get one of those digital picture frames and run video to it? Not sure if that is possible though. Would be nice to get 2 separate cameras so we could mount one to each side of the house that has an entrance. If that means two permanent monitors, that would be fine. I started trying to search for this on the net and all that i see are options that have wi-fi this and that, motion detectors, night vision, cloud subscriptions to record, etc. Any suggestions on the most simple way to put a 'window' in my basement?
  2. I bought the harbor freight one it is wireless all you need is a plug by the camera. It comes with two cameras and a screen to veiw them. They are pretty simple.
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  3. ress


    Lowe's have some decent ones.
  4. How about one of those video baby monitor units?
    Walmart usually has them in the baby section.
  5. How is everything being recorded on the devises mentioned above ?
  6. There's always Ring or Nest options. A bit more than you asked for but gives you a few more options when your downstairs.

    I purchased one of these for my apartment a few years ago because I was suspicious of someone coming in while I was away.

    The camera worked great, never caught anyone, but it was sensitive enough to alert me when spiders would come out after I would leave for work and would crawl along the wall.

    I unplugged it though after I read the terms and conditions. The company gives themselves the right to use any 6 second notification clip to use at their discretion.

    Bottom line is it worked flawlessly and was cost efficient, but knowing the company could access it was a bit creepy.
  8. AtticaFish

    AtticaFish Jiggin Freak

    Thanks for all the input. Like i mentioned, really don't want anything that has to run through a computer network or over the phone or have recording capability. Think i stumbled into what i was looking for. I kept picturing a bank of TV monitors at a prison or something........ and it finally hit me what they were called. Closed Circuit TV. This is what i am going to get i think......

    Can get 2 cameras, the wiring and power adapters for about $100. Just need to figure out what i am going to do about monitors. They sell 7" to 10" ones like what is used for back up cameras in vehicles, but those are pricey. I have a 15" computer monitor i no longer use and going to try that first.
  9. JamesF


    Please post if the computer monitor works.
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  10. G.lock


    You can buy used 15-19" used computer monitors really cheap.