Secret catfish bait

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    I was reading the thread named winter catfish bait and had never heard of chicken breast and strawberry jello. It seems like everyone has some homeade catfish bait so maybe we could all share one. Here is mine:
    1/2 lb ground beef
    1 bulb garlic
    1 package limburger cheese
    1/4 lb chicken liver
    2 cups flour
    1/4 cup milk
    1/4 cup water

    In large bowl mix ground beef, finley chopped peeled garlic, melted limburger cheese, finley chopped chicken livers, flour, milk, and water. Knead into balls and put in fridge overnight. Use on treble hooks, in bait sponges, or freeze onto hook overnight.
  2. if you cooked that right i'd eat

  3. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    well on top of the strawberry chicken... there is something that my dad and his dad used to make in kentucky and use in the rivers and paylakes... but it is only a summertime bait....

    • 1lb pkg hamburger (you want the fattiest you can find so go to the part of the meat section where the meat gets old or out of date and they sell it cheaper))

    • 1 square pkg of limburger cheese

    • flour

    • 100 ct. bag of cotton balls

    ok for this you will need to make it in the summer time for heat purposes, but it can be frozen and unthawed for use in the winter you will also need rubber gloves, an old mixing bowl you dont want to use except for mixing this or throwing away, and a glass jar...

    you will take the hamburger and cheese and let them warm to room temps...go outside (to avoid a mess) and mix together the burger and cheese, until it has same consistency throughout... next use flour to stiffen the mix until it is pliable but yet still sticky.... then pour in about half of the cotton balls and separate them into a "layer of cotton" and then mix it into the gob.... use enough cotton to almost make it where when you pinch out a ball of the mix it is very fiberous with the cotton... place the mix in the jar and set outside in the sun for about a day (depending on heat....if its cool let set for 2 days) uncovered but dont allow it to get wet from rain or let animals get into it... after the sitting out the mix will become quite...putrid and greesy... you will see that is have become "wet" from itself so you will need to add either more flour or cotton to it and mix it in

    can be used on almost any hook, even "j" style hooks, but works best with trebles
  4. fishymcgoo

    fishymcgoo I DIDN'T SEE THE SIGN

    the cotton balls are a great tip! thanks flathead:)
  5. TimJC

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    Hair rigged sweet corn or fermented maize (field corn) over a bed of fermented maize. I catch too many channels while carp fishing and this seems to work fairly well, unfortunately.

    I used to make some of that stinky crap, but there are far easier ways to don't involve a stench that stays with you for a week. Fermented maize may smell awful, BigJohn513 can attest to this, but it can be washed off.
  6. Favorite catfish bait are good ole bluegills, no matter what size they are! Also bluegill heads tipped with leaches! Might be gross but it works for me! Take care all!