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  1. What happened too ALL the snow we used to get? Looks like SW Ohio is going to get hammered tonight and alot of rain for the rest of us. Its FEBUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jack Frost must be in the Bahammas!:D Not good for the hard water guys let alone water clarity.
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    better rain than snow...come on spring thaw....

  3. I'm guessing global warming? Seems that the weather patterns get more unpredictable every year. Problem is it really screws up the spring and the spawning timings for alot of species. Tournament season this year is going to be a real challenge no matter what you're fishing for.
  4. I can't stand this weather!!! It is up and down we haven't have a "good" winter in years. Sure hope the weather becomes more stable over the next few years. I think global warming is a bigger problem than we think.
  5. Call Al Gore...he could probably explain it to you best