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  1. Spent mid-afternoon at Alum Cr. Res. on Tues. 5/13. Waded around the cove at north end of the swimming beach without much luck. I thought the north end of res. would probably be too murky. I fished 1/16th oz. jigs under a bobber at varying depths around sunken brush and bullrushes. I dressed jig hooks with little "Crappie Nibbler" nuggets. I caught one small crappie in the weed stick-ups in about 18" of depth. I had one other little hit in the same area. I knew the "blue-bird" weather and cold front wouldn't bode well, but thought maybe the crappies would be in spawning "frenzy" mode. Not so! I finally gave up on crappies and tried tossing a 3 1/2" "Gulp" shad, swim-bait in the chute below the dam. Tossed it until I lost it to a snag after 20 or 30 throws. My 63rd spring is not very fishy, yet, but a lot of you are doing better. Keep it up!! Thinkin' about getting a two-man "fold-cat" pontoon boat w/trollin' motor. That'll help things a bit!
  2. dad was at clearfork today, didnt do any better than you did. 1 crappie 3 perch

  3. Fished Delaware last night for Crappie. Water temp. were from 58 to 61, down from the 63-65 we had 2-3 weeks ago. Visibility was about 1". Fished jigs, only caught about 10, with only 3 keepers. Worse night out there this spring. Forcast looks bad. Maybe by Memorial day weekend. Believe most fish have yet to spawn there.
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    Skunked at Alum last night for the first time a while :(
  5. It's good to know I wasn't the only one with bad results 5/13. While Crappie fishing, I think I'll just have to consider minnies. Being a roving shore-fisherman I like to get by with whatever I can pack into a fishing vest. Hauling around a minnow-bucket is cumbersome, unless you're headed for a known honey-hole, of course. I keep thinking the "Crappie Nibblers" will compensate for the scent factor. I think they have, a little bit. On the few half-decent days I've had it seems they've been a positive factor, when compared to using a jig without the added nibbler. I tend to get a little "wordy" in my posts, but one of our members, I can't remember who, said they liked really specific information in the "Fishing Reports". This made sense to me, so forgive me if I get too long, sometimes.
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  7. New to fishin alum, has anyone gone all the way up to the north end above howard rd. and done well on crappies or white bass. and if so, how far up the creek can a small boat get, and is it worth it? we were on the boat yesterday at the howard rd. ramp, hit all the coves from the bridge down on both sides and just couldnt find a hole that had more than one hungery little crappie. ended up with 3 with a nice 11.5". minnows on slip bobbers worked best. I just havent had any type of luck with plastics and jigs for crappies. always fighting the ivisable tree limb up in the shallows. rather relax and let the crapps come to me! we're going to brave the cold and head out tonight. just to see whats hungry.
  8. got into them at howard rd last tuesday.. got fifteen 10" plus keepers in the last hour and a half of light.... since then nothing the weather has royally screwed things up
  9. Yea its been tough, with the rain and the cold. hopefully the frenzy will be longer than normal and we'll be slayin em through mid june!