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  1. Sad to think another deer season is over. seems like it just started. The seasons seem to go by much quicker now. Looking forward to next year already. I took two deer but not what I had hoped for. Saw some nice bucks but they never got within bow range.
  2. No bucks for me either. Put 3 in the freezer and my son took his 1st so it was a good season. I am almost relieved its over. When the season is going I am always thinking about deer and scheduling everything around hunting. I'll get a month or so off then things get arranged around the Maumee walleye.

  3. I agree it is a double edge sword.During the season nothing else seems to matter and all of my free time is spent that the season is over I can get some of the stuff I have been neglecting done and think about what I can do to occupy my free time until next season.
  4. This was the best season I have had in the past 16 years I have hunted. I shot and 8 point, button buck, and 3 yearling Does. Though they were nothing to brag about, I still had a blast with many memories. Just like most of you, I have neglected many things around the house and plan to get to them in the next month or two. It is a long time until next fall.
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    this was also the best season for me... 1 buck, 5 does....

    saw TONS of deer this year, almost daily.
  6. The best one in years for me,though I never fired a shot, I got out more and saw more deer than ever before, pasted on does and two smaller bucks, I decided to let my son put meat in the freezer and hold out for a big buck that I never saw, I learned more and observed more deer and there behavior than ever just because I didnt feel the need to shoot when I saw a deer, the only disappointment was the gun season,mainly the weather, but also the over all lack of deer we saw while hunting our usual haunts in Muskingum co,Iam already looking forward to the next season.
  7. Bulafisherman....Yes don t feel bad i didn t shoot nothing either.I let some very nice shooters walk because i saw some real hogs that weren t close.Well i could of shot at a very big 8pt but he had a broken brow tine.My wife said the other day you should have shot him.But i learned alot this year too.I finally patterend some deer in the new areas i hunt so i already look forward to next year.It will be here before you know it...
  8. Still yet to harvest a Buck with the Bow but had my shot and missed. Got two does! Earlier this year I was kicking myself for letting a couple small 8's walk, but i know it was the right thing to do. Next year will be here soon enough.