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  1. Hi - I just moved to Ohio and am anxious to get fishing. But I just spent an hour on the state's website looking for the dates when I am and am not allowed to do that, and can't find anything. Every other state where I've lived has always had some pretty specific dates for their fishing seasons - am I looking in the wrong place, or does Ohio never close its fishing seasons? If anyone can give me some help here I'll be really, really appreciative. Thanks a lot in advance. - Justin
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    I have never heard of a fishing season(at least for bass). Go buy a fishing license and it comes along with the literature for the 2008-2009 fishing rules and regulations. I would refer to it and let you know specifically, but I dont have the brochure with me.

  3. Dont know about up North,but in S.E.Ohio there are no closed seasons on any game fish.
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    There are no closed season on any fish that I know of. There are dates when you can only take so many fish for a certain period, but that is about all. Two fish I know of that fit this category are steelhead and walleye. I know there was talk of something to do with smallmouth bass, but as I don't fish for them, I'm not sure of that or any other regulation dealing with them. If you go to the ODNR website and look under regulations with the other 2 fish I mentioned, you will see the rules and dates relating to them.
  5. Thanks a lot, all of you. Guess my season starts tomorrow, then!
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    Theres a closed season on black bass on Erie and its tributaries during may and june, but I'm not sure of the exact dates. I'm pretty sure thats the only closed season we have.:D
  7. The only dates that I know of are my wife's birthday and anniversary. For some reason, she claims the law forbids fishing on those days. Go figure.....
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    I even get those messed up, never hear the end of it.

    Now on he other hand, it's like "go, go, get outta here, then someone calls and she answers "Get back? He always told me when he went fishin he might never come back. No, I don't know what time!" Go figure. :)
  9. Safest answer to question like " When will you be back ? " is when thay quit biting. Once bought an expensive fishfinder. Set it down next to boat getting ready to install it. Wife pops off " What that thing cost ? " so I told her . She has a fit. I say your right I deserve better. Go back and buy even more expensive one ,the one I really , really wanted.

    Now she never asks either of those two questions, Just like I never ask when she gets back for shopping " Just why did you need another pair of shoes ? "