Searching for a Western Basin Walleye Ice Fishing Guide

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  1. Any suggestions? I have no idea what to expect as far as price, what is included, how long do you fish for, etc? Any referrals or experiences (positive or negative) would be appreciated. Don't know if there will be a season this year, but if there is I, and a few friends, would like to give it a shot.
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    How about the Islands???...Give Bud Gehring a call...(419)261-0165 or He's out of South Bass. $75/day w/ bait and heated shanty. He'll do you right...catch some great fish w/him every year. No fishable ice there yet...talked with him two days ago. Looking at the long range weather forcast, I really don't know if we'll have an ice season this year on Erie. As for myself, I'm going further north (Iron Mountain and Escanaba/Gladstone) this weekend. I need an ice fix!!! Maybe go to Erie in Feb???

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    Contact a guy by the name of Reel Magic!
  4. I second that Bud gehring is a good man. he'll treat you right.
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    that link is no good. Come up not available.

    I agree either of the guys mentioned are both great.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I spoke to Bud today. He said that there was a about 6-8 inches where he was standing (he literally was testing the ice when i called). He is setting up his stff now between S. bass and Green and thought he should be ready to go by Tues or Wednesday.