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  1. I live close to Berea so every once in a while I take my 3 year old nephew to training camp, its free and I get free VIP passes through a friend that does some computer stuff there. Anyhow, Last week we waited in a line of about 20 people to get an autograph from Sean Jones, needless to say that the 3 year old and I got bumped to the very end of the line because he's small and not built for crowds. Long story short we got the auto but in the procees Jones asked my nephew for his stuffed animal, we gave it to him but he had me leave my phone number on it and said he had a gift for "lil man". We left, I heard nothing for 5 days and woke up today with a voicemail for Jones that told me to go back up to the Browns facility that there was something there for us. I go up there and theres a pair of signed helmets, the stuffed animal, a signed pic ,2 gatorade towells and 2 tickets to the ravens game.

    Sorry for long story but it floored me, we asked for nothing but an auto, my nephew isnt sickly...Just a good dude giving back. He was a tie in my mind for my favorite Browns player (with Wimbley) but now he's my favorite.

  2. Pretty cool story. Glad to hear there are still a few good guys still around playing pro ball. So does the "lil guy" get to go to the Ravens game with you?

  3. The tickets are for the Nov 2nd game, I guess i'll take him. If he gets cold we could always leave.
  4. WOW!...He just became my favorite too.
    That is one CLASSY athlete & fine example for your nephew (and ALL kids).
    Thanks for sharing the story.
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    That's cool, but I'm confused- why'd he ask for the kids' toy? Was it like a test? Or did he need something to snuggle with?
  6. Thats what Im wondering...great story though.
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    Thats a great story man!
  8. Not sure, maybe it was sort of an ice breaker for my nephew. The kid is generally a little crazy but tends to be shy in public, he was shy all day long. McGinest's wife and kids were there with a couple other moms and it took my nephew a while to play with the girls.

    It just occured to me that of of the ladies may of had some relation to Jones and she may have put in a good word...I dont know the reasoning but it was cool.
  9. thats awsome. glad to see we have a class act on our team.
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    That is a great story. It is nice to see that some pro athletes do care about their fans. Good for you and your nephew.
  11. Thanks for sharing. It is nice to see pro athletes giving random acts of kindness to their fans. You don't see much of that anymore.