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Sea World trout pond hatchery

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Agent47, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    In the mid to late 80's I worked at Sea World at the trout pond, what a job.... millions of trout in a pond and a bag full of pellets in my pocket. People would buy the pellets from me and then when they caught the fish I had to turn around and smack it on the head with my pliers and bag it for later. Like shooting monkeys in a barrel.:p I asked my boss one day where the trout all came from when we were loading em into a tank in the morning before they opened and he stated a Hatchery in the Akron Cleveland area... does anyone know where this is and is it still in exsistance?
  2. I remember that trout pond and watching the guys club the fish with pliers. I guess that was the only way to handle it at that time. Seems a little rough now that I'm older but I understand that if you caught them you had to take them home. I don't know if nowadays they would let a park like that club those fish. Oh well. That's how they do it on some salt water charters that I have been on. Although at that time, I think I am ready to see some clubbing when there's a 4 foot barracuda thrashing around in the back of the boat. Sorry I didn't answer your question, but you brought up a great childhood memory. Good Luck.

  3. I remember that too. There were always a few huge trout in the middle of the "pond" and the line on the cane poles stopped about three feet short. Even when I was eight I thought it seemed as sporting as shooting cows in the pasture.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I don't have your answer on if that trout farm is still around, but you sure did trigger some great memories of me fishing in that pond at Sea World. If I were Only to be a kid again!!!!

  5. I dont have the answer either.But once when I was sea world I remember the trout getting into that little stream.Cant recall how they got out,just all these employees trying to scoop them back up before the made it to the lake.

    Agent 47 maybe you were there when this happened?I would say it was the summer of 86 or 87.
  6. A friend just forwarded my this link. I was a supervisor there from 81-87'. I had the trout pond on and off for several years. Of course I would also have the parking lots, stadiums and dolphin/seal concessions as well. Remember Matt? He was the lead for a while there.
    One of my UPS drivers also worked at the trout pond for me. It was a blast working there and remember how we would chum the trout during the contest and watch 'em swarm like pirranah? We always had the contests when the Seal and Otter show would break.
    A quick bop on the head was the most humane way to kill the fish. It was a revenue area for Park Operations, so I was always on you guys to get 'em off the hook and into the buckets ASAP. In hind site this sounds cruel now, but as every one looked over into the pond we all bent over the other way to bop the fish and if you hit them too hard their eyeballs would fly out!
    Remember how all you guys would have to sit together in the lounge, 'cause none of the girls could handle the smell of cleaned fish in your blue overalls and red checkerd shirts?
    Any way, I believe his name was Carl and I think it was Rainbow Trout Farm and he was near Wooster. He was a character and it was a blast to unload his truck with 600+ pounds of trout. He was a one man show then and in his 60's.
    Remember how half the people would leave their fish? Didn't want to drive back to Pittsburgh with 3 whinny kids and rotting fish in the back for the ride home! We use to all take it home, to this day I can't stand trout anymore!!
    Contact me to talk about the old days.
  7. Well now that the answer is out, I have to add my memories that came back from that experience also. I remember all the excitement of catching a bunch of hungry fish and then the disapointment of having to cough up about 25 bucks because I just couldn't stop throwing my line back in. I think you got charged by the pound or by the fish. Do you guys remember how much it was?
  8. I bet there was a lot of kids there with a bag of fish and empty pockets !!!
    You guys were FAST with those pliers !!! HA Ha !!

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    i was one of those kids with the bag of fish. Parents took sis to look at seals or something. If my old memory servers me correct, my bill was well over $200

    I guess thats the price my parents had to pay for my budding interest in fishing at that young age. Never the less, my parents never left me alone at that trout pond again!!! hahaha..

  10. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    Jim and Tree, I remember the day the trout got loose very well, I had 1 girl I worked with who was a fire fighter medic in the area, my hat goes off to her as she and me talked on break during my rough wet behind the ears days {helped me get through the day, love to see what she is up to now..old friends long gone}. I remember being told always stand away from the people but yet still having the lil kids walk around as I turned way to hide the SMACK from em. Head, thanks for the info as a friend just built a pond and is looking for a small supplier. I am glad I could bring a smile or chuckle to you brought back some good memories for me also as I talked with an old buddy. I did get out of a ticket one time coming through streetsboro on 43, the Officer made mention of my NASTY fish smell. I informed him I to didnt like it and was on my home from work. The only thing I really did wrong there 1 night was not make several trips to the vault and waited all day.. several THOUSAND dollars had me walking with my manager to the vault at closing. I dont remember my bosses guys as my CRS is kickin in..sorry:eek: . Thanx all