SE Franklin Co. Ponds?

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  1. I'm just getting back into fishing after a 5 year break. Looking for locations and advice on local farm ponds for bass and bluegill. I've checked out a few, some owners have been 'burned' by jerks trashing the place or ? and others afraid of the liability issues. Then of course there are the apartment and condo ponds surrounded by No Trespassing, No Fishing signs.

    Would anyone out there be willing to share info on ponds with owners that would allow fishing in the Canal Winchester, Reynoldsburg, Groveport area?

  2. Come on guys. Throw me a bone or two?


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    Not to rain on your parade or anything like that, but "most" guys on here are more than willing to help a fellow fishermen out, what to use, presentation and so on, but you won't see specific spots or private ponds listed for all to see, you need to find that stuff on your own like most of us have, not to be rude, but having only 2 posts and asking us to give out honey holes you won't get many answers if any, now if you want to know whats working for a type of fishing many will be glad to help you out. Welcome aboard, its a great resource and allot of guys(and gals) here really know their stuff, except misfit!