Screws for Mounting Transducer

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  1. I know this is a newbie questions, but what is the best type of screws to mount a transom transducer mounting plate into a Alum boat. Also, what size should I use. Note that the screws will be under the floor, so I won't be able to seal them from the inside.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I used stainless steel metal screws. I also used the silicone cement used to make glass aquariums. It cures soft and pliable but has excellent adhesive strength. Just squirt a bunch in the holes, start your screws, put a bunch on the shaft of the screws and screw tightly. Then I put a thin coating over the head of the screws and let dry. Make sure the inside of the boat is completely dry to get good adhesion.
    My transducer is going on 9 years and no leaks around the holes.
    Use the appropriate size screws for what you are mounting.
    Ace Hardware has a good selection and retired guys who can give you good advice.

  3. THE very first thing DO NOT DRILL YOUR BOAT HULL . get a fiber board epoxy it to the transum them mount your toys to it . with S/S srews. make that board about 12in wide 8in tall .so you have room to add other equipt.
  4. I like the idea of epoxying the board in place. I run electric only or use my 9.9hp, so I'm not moving too fast.

    Any suggestions on epoxy.

    I wonder if JB Weld would work....