screwed again!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by murphy426, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. well i love to get up at 3:30 in morning to pick someone up to go fishing in geneva with me, thats a long trip for me so i go maybe once a month and kinda have it planned out. i filled the boat up the truck up got everything packed up drove to his apt. to pick him up..........and he never answered the phone or door for an hour. So i lost another good fishing trip again! i really hate depending on other people to come out and fish. So i am goin up to bay point today and 2mrw, anybody hear of anything goin on out there with fish/ or should i just leave the boat at home? thanks again

    P.S. i am looking for a new fishing partner...
  2. Toxic

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    That sucks! But don't worry, we've all been there a few times. I definitely would not ask him to go again.

  3. liquidsoap

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    Happened to me a few times with a really good friend of mine. That being said he always answered eventually.
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    I'm in Parma and fish out of Edgewater mainly. Pm if you ever get screwed over again.....
  5. I usually wait for my partner at the ramp, boat usually already in the water and if there is a no call-no show, then its off to fishin I go. They can call my cell if they show up later at the ramp, except for tournaments. I've already spent the gas money to get to the lake so there's going to be some fishing done regardless.
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    i understand the lake was rough today, so a solo trip was probably out of the question. but if its flat, go by yourself next time. i know it sucks that it even happens, but we've all been there a some point in the past. i got stood up for the night bite last spring and went myself. caught 2 of my biggest smallmouth ever that night.
  7. i am in lakewood and always looking for an open seat . and i gladly help with gas and bait
  8. sounds good, thanks guys for listening to me vent.
  9. Wannabitawerm

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    Been in that situation myself. I know exactly how you feel. You get pissed mainly because you spend your time and effort to plan something that's important to you, and somebody else blows you off. I hate that.

    Anymore, when I plan a trip, I go whether anyone shows or not. It sucks to go by yourself, but it makes it oh so sweet when you bang a limit of hogs or pull a 1/2 dozen of every species in the lake.
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    Yeah theres a lot of perch action around bay point... Look for the packs around kellys and rattlesnake (if you want to make the drive) has been awesome for perch too.
    For walleye if you head a little bit further (G can) the eyes are hitting good

    Good Luck